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US actor best known for Midnight Run, Beethoven and Louie, has died.

US actor Charles Grodin, best known for Midnight Run, Beethoven and Louie, has died aged 86.

He died at his home in Connecticut on Tuesday from bone marrow cancer.

Film credits include Rosemary’s Baby, Catch-22, Heaven Can Wait, Ishtar, Seems Like Old Times, While We’re Young.

In Midnight Run he co-starred with Robert De Niro and in 1992 he starred in Beethoven alongside a slobbering, accident-prone St. Bernard dog.

Grodin was also known for his wit. He won an Emmy as a co-writer on a 1977 Paul Simon TV special, hosted his own 1990s chat show, and was a regular fixture on shows hosted by Johnny Carson, David Letterman and Jay Leno.

In 2015, Grodin was cast in a recurring role in Louis C.K.’s Louie as Dr. Bigelow, C.K.’s philosophical doctor and mentor.

Other TV credits included Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, NYPD, Laverne & Shirley, Fresno, Madoff, My Mother the Car, The Virginian and 65 episodes of The Young Marrieds. For The Heartbreak Kid (US) he was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for best actor.

“I never complain about anything, because I’m aware of what’s going on around me, and I’m also aware that there are a lot of very gifted people that never even get a job in show business,” he said in 2009. “It’s just because they can’t handle the rejection, and I can handle it, and I’m used to it.”

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    1. I remember him best as Nicky Holliday, brother to Diana Rigg’s Lady Holliday in The Great Muppet Caper. He was great hamming it up in the villain role and had some great scenes with Miss Piggy.

  1. ‘My Mother The Car’-they don’t make ’em like that anymore!-a very long career for Mr Grodin and a great character actor and polymath in the industry. RIP, Sir.

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