Airdate: Black Mirror

Emmy winning sci-fi episode has a Free to Air premiere on ABC TV Plus.

Worth noting that Free to Air television will tonight screen Black Mirror on ABC TV Plus.

Previously screening on Netflix in 2018 (and Channel 4 UK) “USS Callister” features Jesse Plemons and won four Primetime Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Television Movie and Outstanding Writing for a Limited Series, Movie, or Dramatic Special.

Captain Robert Daly is the fearless captain of the USS Callister, exploring space with his loyal crewmates, defeating villains and restoring peace to the universe. But he’s about to meet his toughest adversary…

9:25pm Saturday on ABC TV Plus.

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  1. It’s been on ABC2 for several weeks-1st season was on SBS a number of years ago now. The finest Trek parody was and is ‘Galaxy Quest’, although ”Quark’ gets an honorable mention as a very early example of the genre, also on ABC many moons ago.

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