Airdate: Football Belongs

Optus Sport has produced a feature documentary Football Belongs which explores the impact that Australia’s European football and social clubs have had on Australian communities.

It features Santo Cilauro, Craig Foster, Paul Fenech and Nick Giannopoulos amongst others.

While Australian football has not penetrated the mainstream like other sports, this documentary unpacks the immense influence that these football clubs and communities have had in shaping the country, and providing home and sense of belonging for waves of new migrants, in addition to the First Nations People, when ‘mainstream’ Australia was not as welcoming.

Connection, journey and belonging are among the deeper themes explored with some of Australia’s biggest names revealing sacrifices and struggles attached to immigration. But the documentary provides some lighter moments, via a range of big personalities from the respective communities.

The documentary also projects forward, and asks how football can shape this great multicultural country into the future.

6pm AEST Wednesday June 0 on Optus Sport app (8pm Optus Sport 1).

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  1. Ethnically based Soccer clubs were actively suppressed by the soccer federation in the 90s when they were attempting to ‘mainstream’ it as the old rivalries back home resurfaced in the Balkans as civil wars .erupted.

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