Anh’s Brush with Fame: June 15

Guest: Legendary Marcia Hines.

The subject this week on Anh’s Brush with Fame is the legendary Marcia Hines.

Marcia Hines is an Australian music icon. She arrived in Australia, from Boston, as a 16-year-old to perform in the musical Hair and then made Australia her home, becoming one of our bestselling artists.

Marcia was raised during the civil rights movement in Boston, in a culturally defining era. She shares her experiences of growing up amongst the hippy culture, of trying to bail her brother out of jail and how the music of the time influenced and inspired her. As a teenager Marcia went to Woodstock and witnessed first-hand the iconic performances.

Marcia knew nothing about Australia before moving here and not long after her arrival she found out she was pregnant. Her inspiring story is one of resilience, hard work and the willingness to embrace opportunities.

In 1973, Marcia played the role of Mary in the musical Jesus Christ Superstar and in the same decade was crowned the Queen of Pop. Marcia went on to host her own show and release albums, making her a household name. She became the highest-selling female recording artist in Australian history, outselling Barbra Streisand, Diana Ross and Aretha Franklin.

In 2003, Marcia was introduced to a whole new generation, with the launch of a brand-new TV series, Australian Idol and more recently as guest mentor on The Voice, where she has been able to pass on some of her wisdom.

Marcia has come a long way since her childhood in Boston. She is independent, brave and has an adventurous spirit. Anh’s challenge is capture all of that in his portrait of an iconic Australian.
Production credits: A Screentime Production. Executive Producer Johnny Lowry. ABC Commissioning Editor Julie Hanna.

8pm Tuesday on ABC.

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