Axed: Doctor Doctor ending with Season 5

"All journeys have a destination, and after five seasons it’s finally crunch time," say producers & Nine.

Nine and producers Easy Tiger have confirmed Doctor Doctor is wrapping with its fifth season.

There are just two more episodes in the much-loved rural drama starring Rodger Corser as bad boy, Dr. Hugh Knight.

Channel 9’s Head of Drama, Andy Ryan and Easy Tiger’s Founder and Producer, Ian Collie said in a joint statement, “For five incredible seasons, Australia has shared in the journey of everybody’s favourite bad boy doctor, Hugh Knight, his fabulously flawed family and the beautiful town of Whyhope. But all journeys have a destination, and after five seasons it’s finally crunch time in Hugh’s roller-coaster search for redemption and love. We are thrilled to bring the story to a fitting climax in a way that honours the characters and will surprise and delight the audience. Doctor Doctor has been a domestic and international success, as well as a showcase of outstanding Australian talent. Channel 9 and Easy Tiger are immensely proud of what Doctor Doctor has achieved. It has been a privilege to entertain our loyal viewers, as well as collaborate with our magnificent cast and crew for five seasons”.

The series also features Nicole da Silva (Charlie), Ryan Johnson (Matt), Tina Bursill (Meryl), Hayley McElhinney (Penny), Matt Castley (Ajax), Chloe Bayliss (Hayley), Charles Wu (Ken) and Belinda Bromilow (Betty). Season 5 has featured guests Zoe Ventoura, Lincoln Younes, Darren McMullen, John Waters, Rishikesh Shukre, Chantelle Jamieson.

On Instagram Corser wrote, “We kind of hinted at the start of the season but now the cat is truly outa the bag … After five amazing years it’s with much joy and sadness we say goodbye to the town of Whyhope.

“Joy from all the great memories and sadness that all good things must come to an end. Though we feel so lucky to go out as we wished … with a truly satisfying final act and ending to our story.”

“Will Hugh finally find happiness and will that be a new life in the big smoke or perhaps not? Thank you to all our loyal viewers we couldn’t have got here without you from your friends in Whyhope.”

Nine is yet to confirm a second season for Amazing Grace.

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  1. I actually came back for season five, after dropping it a season and a half ago. Was confused by the Zoe Ventura character ( had she been in it prior to season 5? because they acted like they knew her well). But have enjoyed it as a easy watch, and an antidote to US dramas which all seem compelled to have political content.

  2. Sad news, but a good run and time to wrap up as the storylines seem to be ready for a natural conclusion.
    In other news I’m running out of Aussie dramas I enjoy watching, that are being made and aired (especially on free to air- that’s a criticism of you ch10 with 5 bedrooms).
    With drama points favouring shoe meter run series. Aussie drama seems few and far between and recent drama point decisions haven’t helped.

  3. End of a era for Australian commercial drama. I can’t see another one making it to 5 seasons.

    I feel the time was right for Doctor Doctor to end even though I’ve loved it all the way through. The recent episode with Hayley breaking all the Ten Commandments was hilarious.

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