Friday Flashback: Sweet & Sour

Back in 1984 ABC music drama Sweet & Sour followed a fictional band, The Takeaways, to break into the Sydney music scene.

Produced by Jan Chapman, the cast included Tracy Mann, David Reyne, Sandra Lillingston, Arky Michael, Ric Herbert and Robin Copp.

The soundtrack album went platinum, selling over 70,000 copies. This song (with Deborah Conway on vocals) even charted at #13. GANGgajang were formed as a direct result of four of their members involvement as musicians/songwriters for the show.

It ran for 20 episodes and included appearances from Megan Williams, Martin Vaughan, Jane Clifton, Daniel Abineri, George Spartels, Amanda Muggleton, Marc Hunter, Syd Heylen, Renee Geyer, Red Symons, Jon English, Molly Meldrum, Robert Hughes, John Paul Young, Christina Amphlett, Ignatius Jones, Kirk Pengilly, and Glenn Shorrock.


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