Returning: Grand Designs

Kevin McCloud is back this Sunday fronting 5 new episodes.

Grand Designs returns with Kevin McCloud fronting 5 new episodes.

These screened in the UK in January this year.

The brand-new series of Grand Designs is as inspiring and engaging as ever. Self-builds this series include a radical barn reconstruction for a remarkable young couple defying illness to build a new life near Sevenoaks. There’s a risk taking, sky diving couple breathing new life into a centuries old Cornish mill on the verge of collapse. In South West London an ex-soldier builds a giant subterranean extension to a listed lodge within the boundary of a cemetery, and in South Lincolnshire a local builder creates an enormous Dutch influenced tile-skinned home at breakneck speed. That’s not forgetting the pioneering couple near Bletchley defying logic to create the UK’s first self-heating house. Kevin McCloud is once again on hand to monitor progress, analyse the architecture and guide us through the emotional rollercoaster that comes with risking everything to create an extraordinary new place to live.

EP01 South-West London
Justin plans to restore a neo-Gothic cemetery keeper’s lodge in south-west London and convert its toilet block into a luxury extension complete with a moat and swimming pool. But can he keep his budget under control?

Sunday, 27 June, 7.40pm on ABC.

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