Returning: Hardball

Season 2 of award-winning kids' series is back on ABC ME.

Season 2 of award-winning kids’ series Hardball begins on ABC ME later this month.

In the new season Mikey and the gang go on an epic adventure to win an even more epic state doubles handball tournament.

There are 10 new episodes of the series which has previously won an International Kid’s Emmy, a Prix Jeunesse International Award and a Rockie Award for the Best Children & Youth Fiction Series.

Returning cast include Semisi Cheekam; Reannah Hamdan; Erin Choy; and Logan Reberger.

Hardball follows fish out of water Mikey and his misfit mates on their journey to make Mikey the sweetest-bestest-acest handball champ Western Sydney’s ever seen.

With the end of primary school on the horizon, Mikey and the gang go on an epic adventure to win an even more epic state doubles handball tournament (“Staties”). Life’s skux as. Except for the twin sporting villains, the end of school approaching, and a sweet scholarship opportunity for Mikey that could split up the gang for good. Eeek! The end of primary school is a tough time for kids.

Everyone’s moving on. Some friendships survive, some don’t; some get the school they want, some miss out. But change doesn’t have to be a bad thing and true friendships will weather any storm. Hardball Season 2 will send our heroes off into the sunset with the knowledge that no matter where they are, or what they’re doing, they’ll be BBFs forever. What better way to toast our heroes than with an epic handball battle at Staties!

Production credits: A Northern Pictures Production for the ABC. Series Producer is Joe Weatherstone, Executive Producers Catherine Nebauer, Bernadette O’Mahony and ABC Executive Producer Jan Stradling.

Daily 4:30pm from Friday June 25 on ABC ME. All episodes will be available to watch on ABC iview as part of Winter Best Fest.

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