SBS: “All of our local productions have resumed”

SBS exec Marshall Heald says delayed local shows are back on track to appear in the next 12 months.

SBS director of TV and online content, Marshall Heald, has confirmed after a disruptive 2020 that all the network’s projects are back on track.

Speaking to Mediaweek he said, “All of our local productions have resumed. In the calendar year last year we had less local content, but all of those shows that were effectively delayed are now coming through, which means we’ve got a really strong lineup over the following 12 months. We have shows coming through like The Unusual Suspects, New Gold Mountain, First Wars (Ed: two of which were announced for 2020). So it should be a really strong year for us.

“It was obviously a difficult period for the production industry. We took the opportunity to try and invest more in development on the slate, and so if there was any benefit to come out of the delay, I think it’s that we’ve got a lot of really, really strong content coming up.

“It feels like we’re through the worst of Covid, and there’s a really strong slate of shows coming up, which we’re really excited to bring to audiences.”

Heald also mentions upcoming series Are You Addicted To Technology in the Mediaweek interview.

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