You Can’t Ask That: June 16

Some people in this episode never plan on having sex, but others have different reasons for being Adult Virgins.

The final episode of You Can’t Ask That hears from Adult Virgins… many with different reasons as to why.

This episode on Adult Virgins is not all about the act of sex, it’s about social milestones, pressures, hopes, dreams and the need for intimacy. A theme particularly relevant in the last 12 months.

“Physical touch, even non-sexual touches, is something that really helps people feel connected, and I don’t get enough of that. So, it’s really something that I crave a lot,” Ishan, who is in his early 20s and hoping to lose his virginity soon, explains.

In the episode Ishan sits next to Declan, a cool, confident 23-year-old from inner Sydney. “I definitely have periods where I do feel lonely and I don’t think the intimacy I get from my friends is necessarily enough, as much as they try and support me. There’s definitely periods where I feel like it’s not the same. It’s weird saying that, because I’ve never had it [sex], but I feel like there’s something I’m missing out on.”

This is the first You Can’t Ask That episode where everyone in Australia at one stage in their life has been in this group and can empathise with the experience of being a virgin. According to ABC’s Australia Talks survey, 40% of Australians between 18 and 24 are virgins. Opportunity, rural life, religion, asexuality — there are plenty of reasons for people to be virgins into their adult life.

Some of the people in this episode never plan on having sex, others will wait until they’re married, you never know, maybe some could have lost their virginity since filming.

Ishan pictures the possible big night: “Go out for a nice dinner… set up some candles in the bedroom or something, and do it I guess.”

Production credits: You Can’t Ask That is an ABC Production. Series Director and Producer: Kirk Docker, Series Producer: Josh Schmidt, ABC Executive Producer: Frances O’Riordan and ABC Head of Entertainment: Nicholas Hayden.

9pm Wednesday on ABC.

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