Kennedy Awards 2021: nominations

Female journos lead the way in annual NSW journalism awards.

Nominees in the annual NSW Kennedy Awards for journalism include ABC, Seven, Nine, SBS, NITV and SKY News.

Female journalists dominate this year’s TV nominations. Amongst those in contention are Karla Grant, Liz Hayes, Sharri Markson, Caro Meldrum-Hanna, Sarah Ferguson and Lorna Knowles.

Winners will be announced on September 24th.

TV and related categories are:

The Kennedy Prize – Journalist of the Year
Kate McClymont – The Sydney Morning Herald
Sharri Markson – The Australian, Sky News
Samantha Maiden – news.com.au

Outstanding Crime Reporting
Tara Brown, Gareth Harvey – 60 Minutes, 9
Caro Meldrum-Hanna – ABC TV
Kyle Taylor, Elise Worthington – Four Corners, ABC TV

Outstanding Regional Broadcast Journalism
Joanna Woodburn – ABC TV
Liz Hayes, Gareth Harvey – 60 Minutes, 9
Dimity Clancey – A Current Affair, 9

Outstanding Online Video
Jane Thomson – The Sunday Telegraph
Emily Jane Smith, Rihab Charida, Gavin Blyth – SBS

Young Journalist of the Year
Kamin Gock – Channel 9 News Perth
Adella Beaini – The Daily Telegraph
Natassia Chrysanthos – The Sydney Morning Herald

Outstanding Indigenous Affairs Journalism
Karla Grant, Julie Nimmo, Michael Carey – Living Black NITV
Fiona Harari – The Weekend Australian
Australian Story – ABC

Outstanding TV Camera Work
Glen Ellis -7 News
Andrew Taylor – ABC
Nicholas Richardson – 9 News

Outstanding TV News Reporting
Amelia Adams – 9 News
Kieren Gilbert, Andrew Clennell – Sky News
Lorna Knowles – ABC News

Outstanding Nightly Current Affairs
Sharri Markson – Sky News
Adele Ferguson, Chris Gillett, Matt O’Sullivan – 7.30, ABC-TV
Hannah Sinclair – A Current Affair, 9

Outstanding Long Form Current Affairs
Peta Credlin – Sky News
Caro Meldrum-Hanna – ABC
Adele Ferguson – ABC

Outstanding Consumer Affairs Reporting
Steve Marshall – A Current Affair, 9
Kevin Nguyen – ABC
The Feed – SBS

Outstanding Online News Breaking
9 News Team
Samantha Maiden – news.com.au
7 News Team

Outstanding Court & Legal Affairs Reporting
Winsome Denyer – Australian Story
Lucy Cormack, Kate McClymont – The Sydney Morning Herald
Amy Bainbridge – ABC

Outstanding Reporting on the Environment
Andy Park, Alex McDonald – 7.30, ABC-TV
Natasha Mitchell – Radio National, ABC
Diana Plater – Australian Geographic

Outstanding Investigative Journalism
Sharri Markson – The Australian
Samantha Maiden – news.com.au
Elise Worthington & Kyle Taylor – Four Corners, ABC-TV

Outstanding Political Reporting
Paul Farrell, Alex McDonald, Kirsten Robb – 730, ABC-TV
Chris O’Keefe – 9 News
Samantha Maiden – news.com.au

Outstanding Foreign Correspondent
Sarah Ferguson – Foreign Correspondent, ABC-TV
Amelia Adams – 9 News
Jonathan Kearsley, Eryk Bagshaw, Anthony Galloway – 9 News, The Sydney Morning Herald

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