Returning: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Final season is fast-tracked on SBS from mid-August.

The eighth and final season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine will screen on SBS from mid-August.

The season also scrapped four completed episodes in light of the George Floyd protests and went back to the drawing board.

SBS will fast-track the season, kicking off with a double episode.

In this final season of the series, Jake and the squad must try to balance their personal lives and their professional lives over the course of a very difficult year. The eighth instalment will tackle the Black Lives Matter movement, the worldwide pandemic, and the New York first responders at the frontline of the crisis.

Friday, 13 August at 9.25pm on SBS.

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  1. As much as I love B99, I hope this last season doesn’t get too preachy (for lack of a better term)

    While they have done the occasional “very special episode” before and done them well (a Me Too & Racial Profiling ep come to mind) a full 10 ep stretch of those eps will feel too heavy – so I hope there are episodes of just fun hijinks & as well as giving our beloved Brooklyn Precinct a satisfying send off.

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