Returning: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

US cop comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns to SBS VICELAND next week with new episodes.

S5E12 “Safe House” marks the second half of Season 5.

After Seamus threatens Kevin, Holt devises an elaborate plan to hide him in a safe house, with Jake as his guard. Kevin is miserable as the 99 works overtime to find Seamus and take him down.

This will air 2 days after its US return.

Travel Man is currently out of schedule.

8pm Wednesday March 21st on SBS VICELAND.


  1. Unusually long break. Probably waiting to finish The Four (or something else). Unfortunately the ratings don’t translate to a guaranteed sixth season. We can only hope…

    • FOX wanted to premiere LA to Vegas behind The Mick, (it didn’t do very well). It also gets rid of having multiple production breaks in B99, where they have to show repeats or one offs. Instead they had one big break.

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