Blind auditions the magic million touch

In a time of lockdown every episode of The Voice sits over 1.00m. Just 10,000 viewers split Sunrise & Today.

In a time of lockdown and grim news everywhere Australia clearly loves its feelgood Blind Auditions.

So far every episode of The Voice has eclipsed the magic million, which is quite extraordinary in 2021.

Last night another 1.17m metro viewers watched as big red chairs turned for more talented singers. Will it sustain after Blind Auditions wrap next week?

That was well in front of Australian Survivor on 682,000, 7:30 (641,000), The Block (591,000) and Back to Nature (372,000).

It also helped Australia: Now & Then to win its slot at 472,000 then The Hundred with Andy Lee (347,000) and The Cheap Seats (325,000).

Elsewhere just 10,000 viewers split Sunrise (274,000) and Today (264,000). News Breakfast drew 139,000 / 103,000.

Seven network won Tuesday with 33.5% then Nine 24.7%, 10 19.9%, ABC 14.4% and SBS 7.4%.

Seven News was #1 at 1.22m / 1.10m for Seven. Home & Away was 690,000 then The Chase (626,000 / 362,000) and Gordon, Gino & Fred: American Road Trip (151,000).

Nine News (1.11m / 1.06m) led for Nine. A Current Affair won its slot at 784,000 with Hot Seat at 534,000 / 340,000 then Travel Guides (235,000).

The Project was 524,000 / 347,000 for 10. 10 News First was 413,000 / 276,000 with Eddie Ifft: Sweet Home Mailbama at just 76,000.

ABC News drew 752,000 for ABC. Catalyst (211,000), The Drum (200,000) and The Chemical World (170,000) followed.

On SBS it was Insight (231,000), SBS World News  (200,000 / 155,000), Who Do You Think You Are? (183,000) and Dateline (111,000).  The Feed managed 69,000.

ABC News Mornings led multichannels at 206,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Tuesday 17 August 2021

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  1. The Voice is the better show, however, did the wardrobe department forget to bring additional clothes for the hosts to change into?…..after one week on air, they are still wearing the same outfits…..the body odour must be killing the floor staff…..🤭

  2. Caught bits of both the block and The Voice. The characterisation on the block is painful, as bad as MKR at its worst, when its clear they are trying to force a character arc on who they’ve decided are the quote unquote ‘villains and heroes’. The simplified version of the Voice feels a lot more authentic, and with less Sonia Krueger is a lot more enjoyable.
    Shame they couldnt remove her altogether as she lacks any particular emotional engagement with the hopefuls.

    Hope 7 continues to keep this nicer characterisation and leaves the manufactured drama of past series in the bin where it belongs

  3. Disappointing ratings for the Block and it doesn’t surprise me. 2 professional renovating teams against 3 amateurs makes it a very lopsided contest. Also have seen Mitch & Mark’s theatrics in one series and once was enough !

    1. The Block has fallen into the same trap as MKR did. Producers become obsessed with conflict both real & conflated rather than the underlying purpose of the show. Frankly all the contestants do apart from bitching is drive around, visit sponsor stores, paint a bit & style cushions. It is tiresome & tends to suggest that The Block has become a one-trick pony.

      It is also a complete misread of the national mood at the moment. People are tired and stressed by their everyday lives; they don’t want to watch made-up conflicts between privileged prima donnas. Seven appears to have read the mood and changed The Voice into a much more positive experience and is getting rewarded for it.

      It does appear that The Block has at least learnt one thing from last year & at least assesses the quality of workmanship even if it nothing to do with the actual contestants. Last year we had the laughable situation of rewarding a bathroom with nice towels despite the plumbing being non-existent.

  4. Watched a bit of The Voice last night out of curiosity and can certainly see the appeal. The judges have great upbeat chemistry and theres an authentically positive vibe to the show, compared to the obnoxious drama that seemed to be coming out of the Nine version.

    As for The Block, looks like in a similar vein to MKR that audiences are tiring of the cooking/building show with contestant drama that drags on episode after episode. If people want to watch interpersonal conflict, there’s far better reality shows out there focusing solely on that stuff. Same goes for if you want a show focused on building and renos, plenty of more interesting choices out there than The Block.

    1. Totally agree, this series of the voice is tonally like the uk version, a much more positive and upbeat show, unlike the crap judges constructed drama of the nine version. I presume there is a new producer in charge.

    2. Completely agree, the judges on the voice this season are more down to earth and feel more genuine. When Guy got up and sang the duet on Monday with the blind lady, that was so uplifting and you could see how much enjoyment she got out of that and that is the sort of positivity we need in our lives atm when so many people are struggling in lockdown.
      I also watch the Block and have to say they have got the casting completely wrong this year and i am finding it really hard to warm to any of the contestants. The producers are trying to create drama out of chinese whispers that someone in another house ‘apparently’ said.

  5. I have to say I’m a fan of original programming running after the 7.30pm stripped reality shows. It’s nice to not just rush into repeats and encores. More of this on more nights, please!

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