Denise Drysdale: “We had so much fun!”

'Ding Dong' remembers working with the late, great Ernie Sigley.

TV icon Denise Drysdale paid tribute to her legendary mate Ernie Sigley this morning on Studio 10, from her home on the Gold Coast.

“I heard the news a couple of days ago,” she said.

“I sort of lost Ernie when we couldn’t work together on stage. We were still doing floorshows up until 5 years ago. He’s be on stage and he was starting to get forgetful then. I knew then it was the start of it.

“So that was sadder for me to lose that, because we had so much fun on camera, it’s unbelievable and off-camera.”

She regaled stories of hijinks with Ernie, the recording of Hey Paula and how she was named ‘Ding Dong’ by Sigley.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, David. I tuned in to their program but didn’t find a tribute until this. Denise is such a national treasure and she and Ernie were such a great team. I had no idea that it was Ernie that named her ‘Ding Dong’. I posted a clip of ‘Hey Paula’ on my youtube channel nearly a decade ago and revisited it, and was listening to their voices several times. He could hold a tune, even though he said he couldn’t. Lovely tribute. I was wondering about Denise as soon as I heard of his passing.

      1. As Meat Loaf famously sung ‘You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth’. You and I and others have been advocating for Denise and Caroline Jones especially to be inducted. The 60th Anniversary of 4 Corners made me think of it again, and this triggered the same thought 🙂

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