Friday Flashback: Aaron Pedersen hosts Blackout

In 1993 TV presenter Aaron Pedersen told TV TV's James Valentine he was moving into acting.

Before there were… umm TV blogs…. ABC screened TVTV, a 1993 magazine show looking at television from all angles.

The show was hosted and produced by Simon Townsend, with presenters including Edith Bliss and James Valentine and ran for 3 years.

In this interview, Valentine speaks to young journalist and presenter Aaron Pedersen, from ABC’s indigenous profile show Blackout, who also reveals he is moving into acting.

Lucky for us he did.

You can read more on Simon Townsend discussing TVTV here.

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  1. Great find on TVTV. A hidden gem there.

    Although i can’t remember Pederson hosting Blackout in 1993, he did host the first season of Gladiators Australia in 1994. Heartland was his first acting gig, and may have aired around the 1993-1994 mark, perhaps between Blackout and Gladiators. He then moved to acting more permanently after that.

    Such a fine actor. Very respected in the industry

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