How The Voice knockout rounds work

Acts are about to be culled from 5 to just 2 each.

The Voice begins its Knockout rounds as part of its new trimmed-down format.

All Coaches now have 5 acts each.

On Sunday artists from Team Keith and Team Guy will all take to the stage to perform with full staging. Coaches must trim their numbers to just 2 artists each.

After acts perform Coaches are given three options: 1) Send the artist straight to the Semi Final. 2) Send the artist home. 3) Make a decision at the end of the show when all artists have performed.

This gives a sense of jeopardy after each performance… what will the Coach decide?

On Monday night acts for Team Jess & Team Rita undergo the same process.

Rita Ora will also perform this Sunday.

7pm Sunday on Seven.


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  1. I bet after the initial ratings they’re regretting cutting the rest of it down, although The Voice always seems to peak with the auditions.

    I’m guessing all the judges will just opt to make a decision at the end.

  2. So we literally see them sing twice and most of them are out. I loved the blinds this year but Channel 7 changing the format due to “budget costs” absolutely sucks! If they’re reading this, doubt it but if they are, don’t do “the cut” next year. That was the worst edited episode of television i’ve seen in quite a while and was absolutely brutal. They basically ruined what has been a fantastic season with that and now cutting teams even further to 2? I hate it.

  3. I have to say I feel disappointed about this format. The idol format was superior in that you had a final 12 and then each week one performer would go. You had a genre or theme each round and viewers got to really know what each performer was about. Why couldn’t the Voice have one performer from each coach drop out each week from here on? Then at one performer each knockout one by one until the winner is found?

  4. It’s still all about the star coaches unfortunately. There are always cuts doesn’t matter how. I hate watching it from here, I like the blinds so you can see everyone. Then the coaches beg them to come on their team(even worse with unlimited because even more a disappointed earlier) it’s a horrible format. Which is why the show has ever yielded a successful star. Not just hear in Australia but anywhere? Yet the contestants and us keep on being suckered into it. There’s been plenty of stars that have come from Idol, XFactors and even Got Talents but none from the Voice! Good marketing bad format.

  5. Please revert back to the Original Format Next Year the new format is too rushed bring back the Battle Rounds they were great entertainment I absolutely hate the Cut Channel Seven please take notice of peoples comments

  6. The Voice this year us like the school carnival where everyone gets a ribbon, the judges just turned & turned. But this format will kill the golden goose as those people who invested find out they have no say in the winner as there is no live shows.
    This type of show only works when people invest from the start & get to watch their favourites perform week after week so that by the end we feel as if we know those performers.
    Good luck with the ‘winners record’ this year

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