“It just felt like the right time”

Jan Fran rules out any conspiracy theories around why she left SBS.

In 2019 Jan Fran left SBS, having co-hosted The Feed since 2013.

Having begun as cadet Jeanette Francis on Dateline and Insight, she has since been a regular on The Project, The Drum and now as co-host of ABC’s Question Everything.

But she insists the decision to leave SBS was to try new things.

“I was really enjoying myself,” she tells TV Tonight. “I had a ball at SBS and got to do so many different things. But it just got to a point where, when you’re contracted to a network, there are certain things that you can’t explore both timewise and contractually. I sort of got to a point where I did want to start exploring all of these other avenues and really, the only way to do that was not to work full time anymore and to be tied to a network.

“So really, it just felt like the right time. There’s really nothing more dramatic than that. I left with a lot of love in my heart for The Feed and everybody working there, there but I think it was just time to move on.”

That rules out any conspiracy theories as driving her exit.

“Unless people are saying terrible things behind my back at SBS that I don’t know about!”

Question Everything airs 8:30pm Wednesday on ABC.

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