Olympics, Seven News dominate Monday.

Seven News and Sunrise enjoy a rush from Tokyo Games, with Seven cracking another 50% share.

It was another big night of Olympics with metro audiences of 1.44m / 1.08m / 1.00m in primetime.

Seven News continues to benefit from the Games, with a huge audience of 1.41m / 1.31m. That dwarfed Nine News at 1.07m / 974,000. The real question will be how much they differ once the Games are over. Does it linger or return to before?

The Chase topped entertainment at 809,000 in preliminary figures.

Australian Survivor 603,000 led over 7:30 (509,000), Beauty & the Geek (519,000) and Australian Story (515,000).

Later Have You Been Paying Attention? at 477,000 battled Four Corners (415,000) then Media Watch (365,000).

Seven network dominated with a huge 50.7% share then Nine 17.9%, 10 15.6%, ABC 11.9% and SBS 3.9%.

A Current Affair drew 786,000 for Nine then Hot Seat (496,000 / 293,000). Botched was 213,000. with Footy Classified at 62,000 across the network.

The Project drew 403,000 / 287,000 for 10. 10 News First pulled 395,000 / 280,000. A Kitty Flanagan: Smashing special managed 207,000.

ABC News was 707,000 for ABC. The Drum (182,000) and Maggie Beer in Japan (122,000) followed.

On SBS it was SBS World News (152,000 / 104,000) and Becoming Bond (115,000).

Sunrise was also huge at 362,000 for Seven, way in front of  Today Extra (246,000) and News Breakfast (128,000 / 100,000).

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 2 August 2021

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  1. I don’t understand why anyone watches the commercial ‘news’ services-chock full of ads, undisclosed promotion deals and no focus on what’s actually important, but with an absurd focus on who’s reading it rather than what they’re presenting…

    1. 9 do 20 minutes of news before their first ad break.
      Its the only 20 mins of commercial TV I watch a day.

      Wouldn’t normally stick up for 9 but I appreciate that. They could easily do what 7 do and put an ad break after 10m – would be their most profitable ad break all night.

  2. As someone who has no interest in the Olympics, next time they come around I will be switching to Nine News for the two week period. Each night on 7News we are bombarded with Olympic updates outside of the sport segment, I spend my time fast forwarding more than viewing.

    1. As the host network, they are able to show more footage than any of the others, who have restrictions on how much they can show. I watch both Seven and Nine, but leave Seven after the first weather update to play back Nine. Seven News at the moment jumps in and out of Olympics all through the news. The first 10 minutes for example consists of a quick Olympic recap, then Covid, then Olympics again, then Covid related like vaccinations, before eventually getting to other news later, but with still more Olympics in the mix. Nine does everything Covid first, then Olympics, then other news.

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