Q+A: Sept 2

David Speers hosts from Melbourne with guests Grace Tame, Anne Ruston, Penny Wong.

This Thursday David Speers hosts Q+A from Melbourne, discussing keeping women safe, child exploitation and helping to keep the women and girls of Afghanistan safe.

In the lead up to the Prime Minister’s National Summit on Women’s Safety, Q+A focuses on financial security, sexual violence, policing, and child exploitation.

Violence against women and children in Australia continues at a terrifying rate, and during COVID, the explosion in child sexual abuse material circulating in Australia has increased. Last year there were more than 21,000 reports of online child exploitation. The Government has plans for a new national domestic violence deterrence program, but will it be enough?

We’ll also discuss the disturbing growth in the number of older Australian women finding themselves homeless and facing extreme economic uncertainty.

And in light of the ISIS-K attack on Kabul airport, we ask has the Taliban takeover triggered a surge in global terror, and how best to tackle ideologically motivated extremism from here. What can Australia do to help keep the women and girls of Afghanistan safe?

Joining David Speers on the panel:

Grace Tame, Australian of the Year
Reece Kershaw, Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police
Marcia Langton, Professor of Australian Indigenous Studies
Anne Ruston, Minister for Women’s Safety
Penny Wong, Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs

8:30pm Thursday on ABC.

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