Returning: Paramedics

Nine series profiling emergency service crews returns next week.

Observational series Paramedics is returning to Nine next week.

The ambulance crew series, produced by WTFN and narrated by Samuel Johnson, will screen on Wednesday nights, effectively against upcoming Seven drama RFDS.

Season three brings new compassionate faces, more confronting drama and inspirational patients, as we get an unprecedented insight into the lives of our emergency service heroes.

With more than two million emergency calls made every year in Victoria, one every 12 seconds, our cameras will once again capture the paramedics as they work around the clock, catching unguarded moments of compassion, love and laughter in the course of their life-saving duty.

This season, familiar faces will be returning, alongside new paramedic teams including Steve and Emily, Marley and Tanie, and Michaela and Simon.

In episode one, Natalie and Leonard comfort a schoolboy who has fallen metres out of a tree and landed on his head. Cam fights to save a father in cardiac arrest. Matt and the flight crew race to a fellow paramedic bitten by a deadly brown snake, but reaching her in a remote location proves to be almost impossible. And Mike and Eamon get the call to support a young woman with a debilitating yet all-too-common condition, endometriosis.

8:45pm Wednesday August 11 on Nine.

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