RFDS: Sept 19

This week a moving smoking ceremony and a patient with a violent family member.

RFDS continues to deliver a warm, diverse and engaging season on Seven, in the spirit of the finest Crawfords dramas.

This week…

On the day of Timmy’s (Lee Willis-Ardler) funeral, Wayne (Rob Collins) attempts to face his grief alone until he is confronted with the person he deems responsible for the death. Wayne reels with fury, resulting in dire consequences for his own health and a race against the clock for the team to get to him, especially for a terrified Mira (Ash Ricardo).

Following Timmy’s (Lee Willis-Ardler) death, the Yates men cope in similar ways by throwing themselves into work, much to the concern of their loved ones and colleagues. Darren (Thomas Weatherall) avoids his grief and in turn Uncle Timmy’s smoking ceremony, but ends up making an error that turns a routine repair job into a plane being out of action entirely. Wayne heads to the smoking supported by Matty (Jack Scott).

9:15pm Tuesday on Seven.

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