The Voice launches to 1.33m viewers

Thanks to Olympics momentum, new Seven talent show trounced The Block & Australian Survivor.

Nine dumped The Voice for low ratings last year but last night Seven relaunched it to 1.33m metro viewers.

Thanks to Olympics momentum, it trounced the return of The Block at 747,000 -the lowest launch in over a decade. By contrast The Voice was Seven’s biggest launch since MKR in 2016.

Australian Survivor drew 609,000 from 7:30pm with Joanna Lumley’s Britain at 512,000 from 7:40pm.

Seven had a clean sweep of the night with Seven News at a huge 1.52m and the Olympics Closing Ceremony at 1.29m / 1.25m (countdown to closing ceremony).

Seven dominated with a 43.7% share, way in front of Nine 23.9%, 10 15.6%, ABC 10.2% and SBS 6.6%.

Nine News was 1.08m with 60 Minutes at 452,000 and a late news edition at 274,000.

The Sunday Project was 404,000 / 325,000 for 10. 10 News First was 378,000 / 271,000 with FBI at 225,000 / 145,000.

ABC News drew 705,000. Innocent (242,000) and Compass (182,000) trailed some daytime titles. Danny and the Human Zoo was just 64,000.

On SBS it was SBS World News 195,000 / 160,000,  Volcanoes: Dual Destruction (177,000) and Dan Snow: The Tutankhamun Mystery (147,000).

A Coronavirus: Public Update on ABC News topped multichannels at 350,000 with fairly even numbers in Melbourne & Sydney.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 8 August 2021

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  1. Enjoying The Voice. The contestants seem to be regular people with genuine talent. Not so many people who are already working in the industry. Or friends/relatives of the judges. It seems to actually be about the contestants rather than the judges which is refreshing after all the contrived manufactured drama on Nine.

  2. Speaking about the voice the show did very well on Channel 7 for the first time. I watched a very tiny portion of the voice and the judges sang fly away from tones and I.
    Next I switched to live streaming of the closing ceremony on 7+. I found this to be quite boring apart from the medal presentation. Nevertheless the Aussies have done well in the Olympics scoring 17 gold.

  3. I don’t watch it but it will be interesting to see weather the voice continues to sing or gets laryngitis without the olympic sandwich i think it will probably do ok and survivor continues to do very well given the competition and will hopefully rise now that the olympics have finished

  4. It’s a great number but I’d be very surprised if it sticks. Judges are good yes, but the format feels stale. Didn’t Seven themselves rubbish the format when it was with Nine? I for one won’t be back.

  5. The Block might be at the same point now as when it was “rested” for some years after Series 968 …perhaps it’s just being made by rote now and the producers have run out of ideas …If the confected ” drama” of 2 contestants not painting their own walls is anything to go by , sounds like it might be time for The People’s Champion to ride off into the sunset for a while…

  6. Wow, that’s an excellent launch for The Voice! I didn’t watch, but those who did – I’m interested to know how true 7’s claim of “all killer, no filler” was? Did it genuinely feel refreshed, or more of the same? Tonight will be the first real test, with no Olympics impact and the same starting time for all the three key reality shows. I’m predicting The Block might come out third best here – audience fatigue must be a factor. Similar to what The Bachelor is experiencing this year it seems.

  7. We usually love the block but last night was excruciating! 40 mins in and still no work done. Then the “teasers” started on who the last two couples were. This went on and on (and on)…. Yet everyone in the country knew who they were due to the relentless adverts over the last month. The preview of “what was to come” caused all round groans from our family as it just featured bitching, over dramatics and the obligatory “I’m walking off” threat from contestants (that always sees them return after the add beak…. After all, they don’t want to miss a minute of their 15minutes).
    Hope the tennis are good, but we’ll just stick to reveal eps this year as I watch for the rennos!

    1. Unfortunately, this time around I completely agree. Usually I enjoy the Block but there’s just something very stale about this series, despite what I hoped was an interesting location. Just felt a bit like production by numbers, and ticking the drama boxes on the tease as you mentioned.

      As usual the Sundays will do ok, but the rest of the show is just too tired now.

      1. The Block was dire last night. It was slow with manufactured tension that just didn’t exist. The whole basis was pretty poor given it was a waste of effort and materials as the contestants, all of whom are dull, were made to do renovations that will now be undone by whoever gets that house.

        The concept is getting stale as are the judges who haven’t changed their schtick in years. No wonder they are moving the series to Byron Bay. They have chugged around Melbourne’s southern suburbs for years and it is getting tired.

  8. The Voice was such a breath of fresh air last night and glad it did well. I mean the Olympics has been that the past couple of weeks too and amazing to watch. To the coaches though, Rita Ora is amazing alongside Jess and it was great to have Keith back too. They’re just so down to earth and honestly its nice to have a reboot. The show got stale with the old judges i think and its good to see something new. I think the show needed that. Plus the talent was awesome too. Bella and Drew were incredible. Will be interesting to see if it holds up over the next couple of weeks.

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