ABC journalist ‘forced to resign’

Regional reporter hits out over lack of flexibility on childcare hours.

ABC Wimmera journalist Danielle Grindlay took to social media yesterday claimed she was ‘forced to resign’ from her part-time role.

Grindlay accused the broadcaster of a lack of flexibility around childcare hours.

The ABC issued a statement saying it was “committed to providing a flexible workplace for all staff, including those returning from maternity leave, subject to operational requirements.

“The ABC offered to explore flexible work options with Danielle,” ABC said.

Source: news.com.au

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  1. … in my own experience, the ABC is the most “flexible” employer in the country, often bending over backwards to accede to staff demands … so why is it that some people who call themselves journalists today think their own selfish wants are more important than the outfit that pays their salary?

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