Airdate: ABBA: News Beginnings

Seven has an ABBA special airing on Monday night.

With all the attention to ABBA’s newly released tracks, Seven has a special ABBA: News Beginnings airing on Monday night at 7:30pm.

No further details are available. It will be followed by Movie: A Star is Born (2018) which means a 911: Lone Star final is out.

Seven is only screening one episode of The Voice this week (tonight) and had originally planned for Holey Moley (USA) episodes in its place. Now just a single episode screens on Tuesday, which hints that the network may not be done with the brand just yet.

Wednesday night there is also a double RFDS just for this week, to help with overall weekly share.

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  1. I will be watching for sure; but really hope that it contains genuinely new material, and is not just another cheap cut and paste job. Heck, there is no shortage of new footage (including, obviously the two new songs) they can use! The offical clip for I Still Have faith in You has loads of Australian references, including their arrival (no pun intended) into Sydney, and their appearance on the balcony at the Melbourne Town Hall. Oh, and how good is that image projected onto the Harbour Bridge!

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