Friday Flashback: Australia Live

Celebration of a Nation....

In 1988, to mark the Bicentennial, Australia Live was broadcast simultaneously on Nine, ABC and SBS  -as well as all regional stations, Channel 4 in Britain, and on the A&E Network in the United States.

Anchored by Clive James, Ray Martin and Jana Wendt from the TCN-9 studios in Sydney, it showcased the corners of the nation including the first-ever live crosses to the Indian Pacific, Soviet cosmonauts orbiting the earth, and even the Davis Base in Antarctica.

Other presenters included Paul Hogan, Tony Barber, George Negus, Derryn Hinch, Greg Evans, Daryl Somers and Graham Kennedy.

And then there was that show-stopping jingle with Rick Price, Keren Minshull, Jon English, Jeff St. John -spot the famous faces!

2 Responses

  1. What a time capsule!
    And sadly we have lost so many of the faces in this broadcast, including of course Jon English.
    The resources needed to put on this show were just enormous. I would argue that the realities of today’s economics mean that a broadcast TV network has no chance of ever mounting such an event again.

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