Insiders: Sept 5

ABC panel discusses a national plan for re-opening, striving for COVID-zero, vaccination, borders and JobKeeper.

Guest on Sunday’s Insiders is Employment, Skills and Workforce Minister, Stuart Robert.

Stuart Robert – Employment, Skills and Workforce Minister David Speers joins David Crowe, Laura Tingle and James Campbell to discuss the fracturing of a national plan for re-opening, Victoria joins NSW in no longer striving for COVID-zero, vaccination targets, borders and JobKeeper.

9am Sunday on ABC.

3 Responses

  1. I picked up on this as well and shared the same concerns.

    However, though David did not challenge the comment immediately he did come back later in the show and corrected the panelist (presumably after checking offline about the actual situation) so, whilst it could have been done more prominently there was agreement between host and panelist about the corrected facts later in the show.

  2. I was somewhat appalled today to hear a panelist claim that it was not possible to get an AstraZeneca jab at a walk in spot in Australia. What was worse is that no one corrected him.

    I have listened often enough to expect David Spears to be well enough informed to know the panel member was talking rubbish and understand such dangerous misinformation could cost lives. Why was this allowed to pass without comment?

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