Lord Sugar quarantining in Sydney ahead of more Celeb Apprentice

Updated: Nine confirms Celebrity Apprentice boss has returned to film a new series with travel and accommodation outside govt caps.


Is Nine preparing for a new season of Celebrity Apprentice?

That’s the lingering question with confirmation that Lord Alan Sugar is now in Sydney.

On Sunday he posted that he had arrived in Sydney and was quarantining for 2 weeks at the Sheraton Hotel.

“Nice view from the 21st floor,” he added.

He later added that he will test-drive some new sunglasses “on the streets of Sydney.”


A Nine spokesperson said, “Lord Sugar is back in Australia to film Celebrity Apprentice, his travel and accommodation is all within the guidelines for exemptions which are outside the caps. The exemptions and quarantine are in accordance with all government protocols and requirements including any payments that are associated with this.”

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  1. Sorry very pathetic for Channel 9 having another overseas celebrity quartining while there is still over 34000 australians including children overseas. Such a rub in those families faces.

    1. Due to restrictions they’d be limited in what they can put to air. Any shows which require auditions and crowds (e.g. The Voice and AGT on 7) would be out. A show like Celeb Apprentice has a set cast so much easier to follow Covid protocols.

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