The Block ahead of SAS Australia, Masked Singer launches.

Block wins its slot against returning reality shows, both of which dipped on 2020 premieres.

The Block had an important victory last night topping new challengers in entertainment.

It drew 864,000 metro viewers and led all demos, well in front of both SAS Australia at 647,000 and The Masked Singer on 642,000 (760,000 for the reveal of Vinnie Jones). Newcomers were down on 2020 editions at 834,000 / 733,000 respectively.

Next were 7:30 (636,000) and Australian Story (608,000).

Later Have You Been Paying Attention? led at 639,000 then Four Corners (621,000), Media Watch (496,000) and Australian Gangster / Under Investigation in a tie on 359,000.

Seven network just won Monday with 27.3% then Nine 27.0%, 10 21.1%, ABC 17.4% and SBS 7.2%.

Seven News was #1 at 1.2m / 1.17m for Seven. Home & Away was 659,000 then The Chase on 598,000 / 370,000.

Nine News drew 1.04m / 1.01m for Nine. ACA won its slot at 800,000 then Hot Seat (470,000 / 276,000). Footy Classified was 172,000 and 100% Footy at 46,000 in select cities.

The Project was 519,000 / 307,000 for 10. 10 News First was 372,000 / 249,000. Montreal Comedy Festival managed 169,000.

ABC News was best for ABC at 774,000. China Tonight (223,000) and The Drum (199,000) followed.

On SBS it was 10 Mistakes That Sunk the Titanic (190,000), Secret Scotland (171,000), SBS World News (170,000 / 154,000), and 24 Hours in Emergency (145,000).

Bluey was back to leading multichannels at 168,000.

Sunrise: 268,000
Today: 252,000
News Breakfast: 107,000 / 78,000

Meanwhile Total TV numbers for last Monday led to the following totals:

The Block: 1.43m
Home & Away: 1.18m
Australian Survivor: 1.14m
Australian Story: 1.12m
Under Investigation: 752,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 13 September 2021

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  1. Hope Channel 7 realise their mistake with rushing through the Voice, with the crazy cut episode following the blinds taking all the excitement out of it. They could have easily extended it for an extra couple weeks, then I’m sure their numbers for the finale would have been even higher with the anticipation.

  2. I started watching SAS… lasted 10 mins. Too exhausting + not enjoyable The kids had the masked singer on. I stayed watching with them. We’re all pumped for tonight. Hopefully Oscher is less screamy though

    1. I am always amused when people say they have seen too many advertisements for a program – I don’t think I saw any for The Masked Singer but it appears I don’t watch much Ten. Did it receive any promotion?

  3. I know Australian Gangster had trouble getting to air due to legal reasons, however I only just saw an advert the other day and it is shown Monday and Tuesday at 9pm. I was wondering if it was airing in all states, but it didn’t make the top 20 to verify this?
    I was surprised it appeared quietly without the usual advertising.

  4. Am genuinely gobsmacked by this result. It appeared as though every single person I know was watching the Masked Singer, with all the comments and buzz on social media last night.

    I thought the Masked Singer and the Block positions would have easily been the other way around.

    With the exception of Sunday reveal, who is watching the Block?

    1. I’m shocked too, although I expected SAS to win as usually a lot of locked on 7 viewers, 7 might have made a mistake giving up the momentum a few weeks ago when they had nothing much on after the blind auditions did so well and let the block controversy have an open run. Should have loaded that week with new content while they had the upper hand.

    1. Agreed. I think viewers want to escape from the current lockdowns with fun and kindness. SAS is not this, with people shouting at you and going over their worst fears; while the block has some momentum – the people who stayed on, or came in watching the cheating scandal are now emotionally invested and can’t turn off.

    2. Even TMS isn’t really family viewing.
      In the first ten minutes we had a decapitation and mullet flipping the bird. I’m also surprised numbers weren’t higher for the show. Maybe the novelty has worn off.

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