The Block, Australian Survivor both lift on Tuesday.

Cheating scandal draws season high for The Block as Nine leads primary channel share.

Nine had one of its best weeknight shares in some time, thanks largely to The Block‘s “cheating scandal” and minimal first-run content on Seven. If not for the Paralympics, Nine would have claimed the night.

The Block led at 911,000, its best figure this season, and topped the demos. Australian Survivor was also up at 707,000, then ABBA Forever (526,000), 7:30 (482,000) and Back to Nature (266,000).

Later The Hundred with Andy Lee led at 413,000 then The Cheap Seats (348,000), Catalyst (317,000) and movie: The Greatest Showman (298,000).

Paralympics in primetime drew 258,000 / 208,000 / 187,000.

Nine led in primary channel share but a 7% share on 7mate ensured Seven network pipped Tuesday with 29.5% then Nine 29.3%, 10 20.4%, ABC 13.8% and SBS 6.9%.

Seven News was #1 at 1.16m / 1.14m for Seven. Home & Away drew 662,000 then The Chase (617,000 / 380,000).

Nine News was 1.07m / 1.04m for Nine. A Current Affair led its slot at 773,000 then Hot Seat (498,000 / 318,000). Travel Guides was 208,000.

The Project was 535,000 / 322,000 for 10. 10 News First pulled 373,000 / 280,000. A Montreal Comedy Festival special was 165,000.

ABC News drew 702,000. Decoding Danger (210,000) and The Drum (189,000) followed.

On SBS it was Who Do You Think You Are? (170,000), SBS World News (170,000 / 124,000), Insight (133,000) and Dateline (121,000). The Feed was 52,000.

Sunrise: 260,000
News Breakfast: 154,000 / 91,000
Today: 223,000

OzTAM Overnights: Tuesday 31 August 2021

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  1. SBS are really pushing it with these Mastermind reruns. It’s a hopelessly boring show once you’ve already seen the episode, and it’s not a good look that they keep flitting between the current and former hosts because of the constant repeats.

  2. When there is the choice of The Cheap Seats and The Hundred with Andy Lee, I go with The Cheap Seats because I prefer the Working Dog production style and the snippets of THWAL didn’t resonate with me. TCS has potential to gain more viewers like HYBPA? did when word-of-mouth spread in its early days because it’s actually a good show and they’ve settled into the format quite well. At the same time, I acknowledge that Andy Lee also has a large fan base going back to the Hamish and Andy days and that THWAL appeals to a fan base.

  3. I think Nik made it pretty clear they don’t watch the block. And their comment is right, achieving higher ratings due to “scandals” will only encourage producers and TV execs to pull more stunts like this. The problem is people love to complain about it but still tune in – same with MAFS. Until audiences disengage, and see if for the fake drama that it is, it’ll only continue.

  4. I have seen the adverts on 9Life (How could you miss them).
    Firstly 7 having “minimal first-run content” allowed the Block to rate its best so far! and the fact that people rewarded 9 for its blatant “dramatic scandal” encourages them to showcase more of it for ratings glory. I haven’t tuned in this season, as the judging was all about the judges views and contestants reactions. I could look at the rooms online, but haven’t even bothered.
    Luckily I have found other entertainment that is not negative and enjoyable.

    1. You are blasting the Block and 9 for being constantly negative, yet you are writing negative comments. If you don’t like The Block, don’t watch it! Pretty simple?

      1. Fair enough, it was a negative comment, although the point was I was surprised 7 offered no competition and people tuned into watch the scandal.
        And I used to like the renovations, but as others have noted that is less a focus these days.
        Enjoy the Block.

  5. Took another look at The Cheap Seats. Seems to have found its groove and for us had many laugh out loud moments. Having a guest was also a good break from the two hosts. The hosts all seem to be having more fun and are more relaxed! A great show .

    1. Totally agree with this. It’s a hidden gem on 10, being the first show I’ve watched on it since The Amazing Race. I do hope it comes back for another season. Numbers are up on previous weeks, but that’s helped in part by no Olympics or Voice on Seven.

  6. I caught bits of the block, mainly out of curiousity. Long gone are its days of simply being a renovation show. Producers have been taking notes from MAFS it seems. I found it pretty disgusting to drag the reputation of everyday builders and tradies, who didn’t sign up for any of the “drama”, into it all on camera. Not the way it should’ve been handled. This is their livelihoods the producers are playing with. All for the sake of ratings.

      1. Definitely feels like a setup. Producers would’ve been all over it. Who leaves out a schedule that’s easily accessible if they don’t want people to see it. They were hoping someone would take the bait and someone did.

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