The Voice finale tops Sunday as OzTAM releases new “Total TV” data

The Voice improves on 2020 finale, but Australian Survivor was down. Seven wins Sunday.

The Voice grand final drew 1.29m metro viewers, but it rose to 1.38m for the moment Bella was announced as winner. That was up on 2020’s finale average on Nine of 938,000.

At 952,000 The Block did well to eclipse Australian Survivor‘s 785,000 (rising to 923,000 when Hayley was announced as winner. Going against The Voice led to a drop compared to 2020’s finale of  878,000 / 944,000.

That left ABC’s David Attenborough’s Global Adventure at 391,000 and Inside Central Station (243,000) on SBS.

Meanwhile Homicide with Ron Iddles was 592,000 then 60 Minutes (520,000) and The Newsreader (386,000).

Seven network won Sunday with 33.5% then Nine 29.3%, 10 18.8%, ABC 11.8% and SBS 6.7%.

Seven News was 1.11m.

Nine News won its slot at 1.23m for Nine with a late edition at 303,000.

The Sunday Project drew 446,000 / 320,000 for 10. 10 News First was 285,000 / 224,000. FBI managed 248,000.

ABC News pulled 663,000. Compass (239,00) and Traces (147,000) followed.

On SBS it was SBS World News (189,000 / 161,000). Strong Female Lead (131,000) and Vaccine: The Inside Story (87,000).

Rugby Championship led multichannels on 9GEM at 263,000.

Meanwhile OzTAM is now releasing new “Total TV” data which shows lifts in viewing for a week earlier (Sunday 5 Sept).

This adds Overnight Linear, BVOD and Timeshifted viewing (both metro and regional) together.

It led to the following rounded totals for a week ago:

The Voice: 2.01m
The Block: 1.73m
Australian Survivor: 1.06m
The Newsreader: 1.01m

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 12 September 2021


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    1. Totally agree Sunny.
      This week’s ep was brilliant television – potential award-winning performances from Sam Reid and Marg Downey, while William McInnes’ one-word expletive reaction fits the scenario like a glove.
      Looking forward to the final episode this Sunday to see if everything gets tied up (dunno how), or to whet the appetite for season 2.

  1. It’s not helping the FBI cause when TEN tosses in three repeat episodes on Sunday nights. That turn-off should be rectified when the new eps from S4 start to drop later this month. They start on CBS on Sept 21.
    But how many have gone elsewhere?

    1. Outstanding results for the exceptional and addictive Newsreader, almost makes its first rating seem pointless to report. That show alone shows the absolute power of gathering all the ratings from all platforms after a week (yes aware it includes regional and the first number last week doesn’t, but still).

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