Airdate: Spreadsheet

Katherine Parkinson stars in locally made comedy about a woman who tries to have it all... sexual freedom, career, family & sanity.

Can women really have it all… sexual freedom, a career, family and sanity?

These are the questions tackled in upcoming local comedy Spreadsheet.

Produced by Northern Pictures in association with ITV Studios, created by Kala Ellis, the Melbourne based comedy features Katherine Parkinson, Rowan Witt, Stephen Curry, Katrina Milosevic, Robbie Magasiva, Ryan Shelton and Kerry Armstrong.

Spreadsheet is centred around Lauren (Katherine Parkinson), a freshly divorced, a mother-of-two, looking for sex without commitment. With the help of best friend Alex (Rowan Witt), Lauren creates the “Spreadsheet” – a database of sex options, customised to ensure her sushi train of sex, rolls around with variety and order amidst the chaos of her life.

But just as Lauren launches into what she thinks will be a sexual revolution, she ends up with exactly what she didn’t want: more complications. Because that’s the thing about people – even a well-
managed excel tracker can’t control them.

Updated: Wednesday, 20 October on Paramount+.

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