Airdate: The Back Side of Television

Here comes a new series for small-screen addicts -taking direct aim at Aussie TV from the 1950s to today.

Mitch McTaggart, who cheekily presented The Last Year of Television on SBS VICELAND last year, has a new series for small-screen addicts, The Back Side of Television.

The three-part comedy series explores “all the ridiculous, depressing and outright shameful moments in the wild history of Australian television.”

Spanning Aussie TV from the 1950s to now – he insists, nothing is off limits.

Which network has a bizarre obsession with Peter Falconio? What happened when a petty criminal broke out of jail, and what did he do to get on TV? Where are all the LGBTQI+ people (host excluded)?

We’re revisiting moments you’ve probably forgotten, but diving deeper to reveal so much more – how they happened, why they happened, and what happened after. A clip show this is not.

Psychics, conspiracies or networks being petty – it’s all cutting insight, refreshing perspective, and told through the eyes of a “surprisingly jaded millennial” according to the internet.

9:20pm Monday November 15 at SBS VICELAND.

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