Celebrity Gogglebox to screen with returning season in 2022

Move over Anastasia & co..... a few celebs are ready to even the score when they take to the couch in 2022.

EXCLUSIVE: Celebrity Gogglebox will screen in 2022 attached to the returning new season on Foxtel and 10.

It will screen concurrently with the returning series, in order to keep production costs down.

Foxtel is currently casting with producers Endemol Shine Australia and Network 10.

“We had a very robust discussion on that this week,” Foxtel Executive Director of Television Brian Walsh told TV Tonight.

“It’s all about getting the chemistry right. It’s easy to go and pick names for the sake of names. Whether they’re going to give you the kind of television that you want, is another matter.”

Previously rumoured names included Anthony Callea and Tim Campbell, but Walsh reveals he also sees a place for fashion designer Alex Perry, whom he bumped into last week.

“I said, ‘ Your name came up this week in a meeting that we had on Celebrity Gogglebox and I said that I thought you’d be terrific… you’ve got such a sharp tongue, and you don’t hold back!’ And he said, ‘I’m in! I want to give it back to that bloody Anastasia, she’s always having a swing at me! Let me at it!'” he laughed.

“I’ve sent an email to Shine this morning to say ‘Alex Perry is definitely in.’ It’s just a matter of who we pair him with.

“We just want it to be fun. They’ve got to be authentic celebrities,” said Walsh.

“But that will that get cast this side of Christmas and Celebrity Gogglebox will be attached to the first season for 2022.”


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      1. Sure, but my instincts tell me that this is likely something that 10 would have pushed to plug the gaps in their schedule (and being one of their few stronger performers). You’ve stated in the article that 10 will at least be partly responsible for casting, after all.

  1. Some would argue the regular cast of Gogglebox are now celebrities in their own right. Difference would be that whatever other familiar faces they cast will be asking for a much larger pay check than the Producers have the regular cast tied up to which is reportedly not much. With the keeping the costs down theme I wouldn’t be holding my breath for them to cast anyone asking a large fee so here come more ex footballers and social media influencers haha

  2. I don’t watch Gogglebox as it is so I’ll skip this as well
    I don’t find people sitting on a couch and commenting on what they are watching to be “entertainment”

  3. Not serial “celebrities” please. No Angie. No retired footballers that are only known in one state. No “influencers”. If they arent known to everybody then they arent celebrities. If I see one person that I say “who” to then count me out.

    1. Well said. I can live with the ex-footballers, but accept your point some states won’t know them. I’m well and truly over past reality show contestants and ‘influencers’. Most of all though, i’m over reality show contestants that now call themselves influencers.

  4. Concurrently? That seems kind of odd to me but i do get them wanting to keep costs down. However, you would think in order to get the most out of Gogglebox you air them at different times of the year like one after the other in order to lengthen the show across the year. I know i’m not the only one here but more Gogglebox throughout the year is always a good thing. They always miss huge chunks of the year and we never hear what they have to say about certain shows like Big Brother or others in that first quarter because they’re not on the air. Will be interesting to see who they get though. Casting is key to all of these shows so glad they’re taking it seriously and not just getting low list celebs for the fun of it like i’ve seen on other international versions of the celeb show.

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