L.A. Law sequel proceeding in U.S.

Blair Underwood will reprise his role as an attorney who has now gone from idealistic to conservative.

An LA Law ‘sequel’ series starring Blair Underwood has been given a pilot order in the USA.

In the new show, the law firm of McKenzie Brackman reinvents itself as a litigation firm specialising in only the most high profile, boundary pushing and incendiary cases.

Variety reports Underwood will reprise his role as attorney Jonathan Rollins, who has gone from idealistic to more conservative as he clashes with millennial JJ Freeman to decide the best path forward for the firm to effect political and legal change.

The original LA Law aired from 1986-1994 for eight seasons and 172 episodes with cast including Jimmy Smits, Harry Hamlin, Corbin Bernsen, Susan Dey and Jill Eikenberry.

A reboot was previously flagged by creator, the late Steven Bochco in 2016.

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  1. I loved this show back when it was on. Rosalind falling down the lift shaft was a scene I’ll never forget!!! LOL.

    But the cases they had were the main attraction, all the legal stuff was brilliant. That’s what’s missing from The Good Fight. I’ll tune in if it goes to series order.

    And love the opening theme

  2. I used to watch LA Law a lot. Not sure if a reboot/sequel will work – I don’t know if it has aged well in some ways.

    On another topic, you just don’t see title sequences like that any more! 90 seconds, and the first half didn’t even list the cast!

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