Renewed: Foundation

Lavish sci-fi series based on the works of Isaac Asimov gets a second season.

Lavish sci-fi series Foundation has been renewed for a second season by Apple TV+.

“We have been so excited to watch global audiences embrace the captivating, suspenseful and breathtaking thrill ride that is Foundation,” said Matt Cherniss, head of programming for Apple TV+.

“We know how long fans of these beloved Asimov stories have waited to see his iconic work brought to life as a visually spectacular event series and now we can’t wait to showcase even more of the richly layered world, compelling storytelling and stunning world-building in season two.”

The 10 part series which began last month stars Jared Harris, Lee Pace, Lou Llobell, Leah Harvey, Laura Birn, Terrence Mann, Cassian Bilton and Alfred Enoch.

David S. Goyer serves as the showrunner on the series and executive produces along with Robyn Asimov, Josh Friedman, Cameron Welsh, David Ellison, Dana Goldberg and Bill Bost. Skydance Television produces the series for Apple.

Source: Variety

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  1. Read the books many years ago and understand people having problems with the story mode of the TV series. I’ve tried to “park” the books and enjoy the lavish presentation Apple have provided.

    I guess in time the storytelling may come into greater focus, and appease the book fans. As for now just enjoy..

  2. The show has some great stuff, but it is constantly shifting away from the great stuff to focus on bland characters doing very little. Using the current era TV bad writing trend of, “we’re leaving you unsure of what is going on, deliberately withholding the plot” in place of actually just telling a story. As they can use that to draw out the story.

    There’s great stuff here, but it’s bogged down by what I mentioned above. Luckily it’s nothing that can’t be addressed in future episodes/ seasons.

    1. Not having read any of Asimov’s ‘Foundation’ books I entered into this expensive Apple TV+ adaption without any preconceived ideas of what to expect and so far I am enjoying the visual ride. I’m sure quite a few people also get confused by the constant revisions of the Star Wars saga as well.

      1. They really stuffed up the Star Wars sequels. Doing them with no creative vision to justify them. Then no cohesion in creative vision. Now the much better on TV shows which will either be contradicting the sequel films, or burdened by trying to justify all the creative errors of them.

        The issue with the Foundation series is the writers don’t seem to understand it’s meant to be hard sci-fi. Which excludes things like magic and psychic powers. So it’s a complete slap in the face of the original. Then you listen to the writers on their podcast. Where they solely discuss how they approach main female characters as normally male character tropes. You get an understanding of why those characters don’t work and aren’t fully rounded out. They’re just writing half a character.

        1. The debate about diversity and inclusion is an ongoing one, this debate also includes representation of marginalized communities in movies and TV; inclusion in the Directors chair which focused on women and people of colour; inclusion and equity in TV writing. The Latinx community is wildly underrepresented, examining 1,200 top grossing films only 4.5% of all 47,268 speaking or named characters were Latino. 77% of U.S. States and Territories have a population of Latinos greater than the percentage seen in Hollywood films. In 2019 GLAAD issued a call to action for the TV industry to reach 10% LGBTQ inclusion among broadcast regular characters on prime time scripted series by 2020, the networks met and exceeded this call in one year by featuring 10.2% of LGBTQ series regulars. Source:Deadline.com

          1. Odd reply. My comment is about bad characterisation.

            Also, it’s offensive to impose that neo-colonialist term.

            I also have no idea why you’re harping on about the over-representation of LGBTQ characters than the general population. Is that a problem to you?

            Latin America is a large and diverse area, with wildly different economies and a vast entertainment industry. To try and devalue that by using rich western countries economies of scale is grossly offensive. The value or merit of art is not what makes money in richer countries.

            Once again, what does this have to do with mentioning bad writing in Foundation? Where the writer directly says his approach and you can observe how it is not leading to good characters.

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