Returning: Taronga: Who’s Who in the Zoo?

Grappling with a shutdown of the zoo to the general public, this has truly been a year like no other.

Observational series Taronga: Who’s Who in the Zoo? returns to Nine next week.

Narrated by Naomi Watts the series is filmed at in Sydney, and Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo, produced by McAvoy Media.

Grappling with the complications thrown up by the COVID-19 pandemic, a shutdown of the zoo to the general public, and subsequent re-opening, this has truly been a year like no other for the hundreds of keepers, vets and volunteers that make Taronga Zoo the magical place it is.

Throughout this uplifting series, keepers work tirelessly to ensure their beloved animals, are kept and cared for to the highest possible standards. 

The vets struggle with life and death on a daily basis, and the support and conservation staff work around the clock to give every species a fighting chance.

This season will include a rare and risky procedure on an aggressive Sumatran tiger, the tricky task of moving giraffes and lions into Taronga’s brand new 60-million-dollar African Savannah Precinct, and an incredible and emotional birth, that plays out in front of shocked zoo visitors.

“Naomi’s Baby”
Zoo staff embark on an ambitious, year-long undertaking, in an effort to help Naomi the chimpanzee, overcome a complicated medical condition in the hope of finally becoming a mother and an orphaned sugar glider gets a chance to learn the art of gliding, thanks to the hard work of a dedicated keeper.

7:30pm Friday October 22 on Nine.

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  1. New Zealand was the first country to see season 2. It premiered on TVNZ on September 5, under the international title Inside Taronga Zoo.

    How is it possible that NZ got to see the new episodes well before Australia?

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