Sunrise by a whisker as Nine wins Wednesday

Sunrise pips Today by 1000 viewers. Nine leads entertainment on a night when it had to revamp the schedule.

There’s a battle going on at breakfast of late with Today having narrowed the gap and grabbing the odd win in metro viewers.

Yesterday was incredibly close again, with the incumbent Sunrise winning by just 1000 metro viewers.

Sunrise: 226,000
Today: 225,000
News Breakfast: 121,000 / 73,000

In primetime almost everything went Nine’s way with Seven and 10 avoiding reality franchises, on a night which the network had to reschedule after delays to Love Island.

The Block had another easy timeslot win at 894,000, well in front of Hard Quiz (623,000), 7:30 (535,000), Highway Patrol (373,000), The Graham Norton Show (293,000) and Adrian Dunbar’s Coastal Ireland (207,000).

Later Paramedics led at 529,000 then Question Everything (440,000), Frayed (240,000), Movie: Unstoppable (220,000), Botched (219,000) and Lost for Words (210,000).

Nine network won Wednesday with 31.8% then Seven 25.1%, ABC 17.6%, 10 16.4% and SBS 9.1%.

Nine News was best for Nine at 948,000 / 925,000. A Current Affair won it slot at 724,000 then Hot Seat (411,000 / 262,000).

Seven News was #1 at 984,000 / 934,000 for Seven. Home & Away was 590,000 then The Chase (481,000 / 285,000).

ABC News pulled 663,000 for ABC. The Drum (176,000) and Would I Lie To You? (173,000) followed.

The Project drew 439,000 / 280,000 for 10. 10 News First was 295,000 / 201,000. A triple play of Bull managed 173,000 / 144,000 / 96,000.

On SBS it was SBS World News (143,000 / 127,000). War of the Worlds was just 83,000.

The Coroner on 7TWO led multichannels at 155,000.

In Total TV lifts last Wednesday were:

Frayed: 543,000
SAS Australia: 1.21m
The Block: 1.51m
Home & Away: 1.16m

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 6 October 2021

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  1. Both 7 & 9 should be embarrassed by these Figures.A quarter of Million – out of a Population of 8mill for Sydney:5mill Melb (does it show in qld?)
    These tiny amounts -‘Dont switch on the 3min News /Weather, at lease, while Dressing for Work?
    Maybe the Pro Liberal gushing- is not as Popular as they Think. The Voters Know,what They Know & Carl’s giggling & Koshie’s Condersendation is not Relevant. We Retirees, are Bored with the Anti Dan slurs. So, It’s SBS International News, then ABC in the Mornings

    1. Remember these are averages for the entire show, not how many dipped their toes in for just 10 or 15 minutes of updates while eating their cornflakes.

      Radio is still popular for news in the mornings and then you have unlimited online content & social media taking viewers elsewhere. ABC2 & other kids TV is also on in many homes.

      Many are already communing by the time these shows really get going. Some might still grab 10 minutes in the tearoom before starting their shift, but no rating boxes there.

  2. Interesting Frayed pick up 52% viewers from last week in Total TV numbers, especially compared to just 9% for Question Everything.

    Question Everything seemed to have finally found its grove last night, helped by having Julia Zemiro on the panel. A larger mix of topics seems to help it flow, rather than trying to drag one topic out for over 10 minutes.

    Gruen is back next week but with some retuning and higher profile panelists it might warrant a second attempt next year.

    1. I’d guard against analysis on one day. Breakfast ratings can be very complex, and lockdowns are not the ideal, routine is better. Sunrise still has some comfy wins, this number is low by their standards but could be back up by tomorrow. ABC had some gains, at one stage it was beating Today. Overall I’d say narrowed a gap with Sunrise.

      1. I was going to watch this but I get this feeling they’ll have their permanent water bright colored mark on the screen for The Bachelorette coming soon , same as MasterChef etc ,it ruins the viewing experience ,I’ll try before I switch off.

        1. Yes – that is such an insult to the programme makers – especially Survivor and their stunning cinematography.

          Programmes shouldn’t be considered promotional tool for another and all a permanent promo bug does is possible viewers off. 10-15 seconds after each ad break is reaching as many eyeballs.

          1. Let’s hope they get the message and I did watch all of the Prince Phillip tribute and enjoyed it ,not a watermark in sight I am happy to say.

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