The Bachelorette low, but big lift in BVOD.

Younger viewers for Bachelorette appear to be moving to BVOD and snubbing its linear broadcast.

10 may have a problem on its hands with its Bachelor franchise, no longer pulling good numbers in linear viewing but perhaps following the path of Love Island where younger viewers are consuming it through BVOD.

Last week’s premiere lifted 51% to 754,000 viewers while last night’s episode flopped in its timeslot.

If the question is less about who is cast and the show’s predictable format, the dilemma for 10 may be whether it can continue as a 7:30 franchise and indeed if the network can finance it in a later timeslot next year….

Meanwhile The Block had another big night at 861,000 metro viewers, well in front of Hard Quiz (549,000), 7:30 (516,000), Highway Patrol (415,000 / 387,000), The Bachelorette (253,000) and Australia’s Health Revolution (216,000).

Later Gruen led at 647,000 was also big, doubling America’s Got Talent (282,000), Love Island (252,000), Frayed (220,000), 24 Hours in Emergency (194,000) and Bull (178,000 / 155,000) trailing SBS.

And after low numbers on Tuesday, Today managed a timeslot win yesterday.

Nine network won Wednesday with 31.9% then Seven 25.9%, ABC 17.8%, 10 14.9% and SBS 9.4%.

Nine News drew 845,000 / 834,000 for Nine. A Current Affair led its slot at 697,000 then Hot Seat (374,000 / 252,000). Botched was 107,000.

Seven News was #1 at 918,000 / 903,000 for Seven. Home & Away pulled 583,000 then The Chase (457,000 / 298,000).

ABC News drew 607,000. The Drum (147,000) and Back (111,000) followed.

The Project managed 340,000 / 207,000 for 10. 10 News First was 253,000 / 259,000.

On SBS it was SBS World News 141,000 / 129,000 then 24 Hours in Emergency (194,000) and Railways of the Western Front (106,000).

Movie: For Your Eyes Only led multichannels at 145,000.

Today: 236,000
Sunrise: 228,000
News Breakfast: 113,000 / 92,000

In Total TV lifts last Wednesday were:
Love Island: 593,000
The Rookie: 367,000
The Bachelorette: 754,000
Australia’s Health Revolution: 472,000
Frayed: 467,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 27 October 2021

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  1. Channel 10 have made much of casting a bi-sexual bachelorette. Who knows? Maybe many viewers prefer the boy-girl match-ups so have switched off. It will be interesting to see in the series survives on FTA

  2. 10’s target audience is into streaming not broadcast TV so they have an issue unless they are making better money from the streaming platform and just use broadcast to advertise their streaming wares.

    It’s tricky going forward for all networks since they are only broadcasting junk and the dramas etc, get pushed to VOD. Other networks have less of an issue with young streamers but as time goes by even the older viewers move across to VOD in desperation of finding suitable content.

  3. Isn’t this BVOD setup killing off FTA broadcasting?
    Local commercials are viewed by fewer and fewer thanks to program streaming by networks across the regional areas.
    Regionals pay huge affiliation fees to networks for program content only to see large slices of their audience taken back by the networks by their streaming setups, and to see their local advertisers drop off due to diminishing audiences thanks to streaming.

  4. I think the bachelor/bachelorette franchise will go the way of the biggest loser where I think Ten said the latter had run its time and moving onto other new things.
    I think the low audience reception/engagement for this year’s bachelor showed the writing was on the wall, but the bachelorette was already in production so it couldn’t be pulled. Plus the failure of Making It meant Ten probably couldn’t afford to pull another headline show leaving a hole in the schedule for the last few weeks of the ratings year.
    You could suggest: throw in a celebrity into the franchise (seems to be the ‘in’ thing eg SAS Australia, Letter and Numbers, Masterchef etc), though both formats have done that: Sophie Monk (2017) and Nick Cummins (2018).

      1. I still think that they see the real ratings ‘meat’ in what happens if contestants decide they like each other more then The Bachelorette. From MAFS to The Block, if you can promote a cheating scandal, you get ratings.

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