The Block on top of solid night for Nine

Nine led from 6pm onwards on Sunday, leaving 7NEWS Spotlight & Celebrity MasterChef to battle it out.

Nine had a cosy run on Sunday night leading from 6pm onwards, bolstered by The Block.

The Block was #1 at 1.06m metro viewers and topped the demos, up on last Sunday’s 920,000.

That was nearly double 7NEWS Spotlight (598,000), Celebrity MasterChef (561,000), and Restoration Australia (476,000).

Later 60 Minutes led at 623,000 then Fires (371,000), Nine News: Late (337,000) and Border Security (322,000).

Nine network won Sunday with a solid 35% share then Seven 25.2%, 10 18.2%, ABC 15.2% and SBS 6.4%.

Nine News won its timeslot at 1.03m viewers.

Seven News was best for Seven at 947,000 viewers but a very long Ford v Ferrari movie averaged just 212,000.

The Sunday Project managed 373,000 / 290,000. 10 News First was 262,000 / 223,000. CSI: Vegas was 225,000 then FBI (176,000).

ABC News was 647,000 for ABC. Back Roads (197,000) and We Hunt Together (119,000) followed.

On SBS it was Inside Central Station (157,000), SBS World News (150,000 / 112,000), Our African Roots (84,000) and Life of Earth from Space (78,000).

ABC News led multichannels most of which was a Victorian govt press conference at 259,000.

In Total TV lifts last Sunday were:
Fires: 700,000
FBI: 373,000
Inside Central Station: 268,000
Manhunt: 1.15m
The Block: 1.6m

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 17 October 2021

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  1. Fairly poor result for ‘CSI Vegas’ and the Titanic doco on ABC 2 did pretty badly from the secondary channel results-I found it poorly structured and difficult to follow-somewhat of a disappointment.

    1. A shame CSI not getting bigger numbers, when it started last week I didn’t even know it would be on, only that I was watching MasterChef before it and saw the promo right before it started, am wondering if most people realise it has even returned. Am enjoying the mystery surrounding past CSI staff that has started it off as well as the regular weekly cases.

  2. It amuses me when I think of when The Block first started this season and the numbers were low, people saying it was past it’s prime, should go. They put up a cheating scandal with people bickering and fighting that just goes on and on and on and bingo up go the ratings. It’s a sad reflection of what viewers like these days I think.

  3. That Ford vs ferrari number, while looks really low on the surface, isn’t actually that bad when you consider the 8:55pm – 11:59pm running time, as well as other recent movies (some premieres too) only doing 60k higher! In fact, even the beloved HP3 at a 7pm start on ‘no competition’ Saturday only did 270k-odd (although yes not aired in Perth).

  4. Not a very good look for the WBBL on both 7 and 7mate ,didn’t even make top 20 in either.
    It’ll be interesting to see how the men’s tournament goes from December 5th but of course The Ashes ⚱️ will do well for them.

  5. Am absolutely loving Celebrity MasterChef. Devastated to see Chrissie go because she just bought you laugh after laugh and I will miss the Rebecca and Chrissie show.

    1. Am loving the chemistry of the contestants, so sad to see Chrissie go as her laugh was infectious especially when laughing along with Rebecca. Great cast.

  6. Thank you David for the lifts from last Sunday in your write up (I am liking this addition). It’s good to note tv shows like Manhunt double on the original screenings, as did Fires (well almost double). It is really showing that many of us watch things in our own time. Sunday viewing has had a lot we want to view lately and given The Block has spoilers it’s best we watch that first (a little later than the broadcast because we put our kids to bed) whilst Fires and Manhunt are watched later in the week.

    1. I’m liking the lifts at the end of the daily update too… shows how much viewing habits have changed, and we really shouldn’t be comparing year on year any more

    2. I agree it is quite remarkable the magnitude of these increases with the 7-day catch-up numbers. Pardon my ignorance David, but people watching on catch-up, can they not fast forward past the adverts thereby negating this impact (for commercial networks at least) in that ratings are of value to the advertisers or are these numbers the 7+ and 9now platforms where I think you cannot fast forward?

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