Total TV leading to big lifts on Overnights.

The shows that are drawing the biggest lifts in the new-look Ratings system aren't necessarily the obvious players.

New VOZ or “Total TV” ratings are drawing big numbers for several shows.

High profile shows such as The Block, SAS Australia, Gruen, Home & Away, Celebrity MasterChef are often increasing by 20% – 30% on their Metro Overnights across 7 days.

But some shows are upstaging them significantly.

Fires has lifted by 56%.

The Newsreader has seen lifts of 63%

Love Island, which is hugely popular on BVOD due to its younger audience, has seen growth of 90%.

The premiere of new SBS drama New Gold Mountain boomed by 111%.

But Brooklyn Nine-Nine outranks them all at 399% when it pulled 55,000 viewers in Metro  Overnights in September but 359,000 once Timeshifted, BVOD and Regional were all factored in.

OzTAM CEO Doug Peiffer recently said: “The latest VOZ test data illustrates the extent to which TV has become a multi-device, everywhere medium, and why advertisers need a strategic presence across all assets in the TV ecosystem.

“This is where VOZ comes to the fore, as the only service in this market that can deliver Total TV measurement, with demographic profiles, across all screens and devices nationally.

“VOZ data clearly shows the future of TV is linear + BVOD, and enables us to track how the Total TV marketplace continues to evolve.”

You can check the top performers in VOZ under the Ratings tab by date.

Data is added 7 days after broadcast.

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  1. The number of viewers is the same, and the 318k in the 5MC overnights, is still small, and comparable to other overnight data. On average there is a 30% in VOZ just because the figures are National and you counting 30% more people. For Fires though it’s more like 60% because it’s much more popular in Regional Australia than most shows. Timeshifting is still larger than BVOD, but that will change, because people won’t bother to replace DVRs. They will record a few late night shows on USB (the modern highspeed ones have the same chips as SSD drives in your computer) and stream anything else that they want to watch.

    1. 30% isn’t the average in VOZ, but it is for some profile shows such as those mentioned here. There are some BVOD exceptions such as Love Island, this morning seeing 137% lift and most of it in BVOD. I’m tipping Bachelorette to draw a lift in BVOD next week, I think that’s where younger viewers are consuming it.

  2. Interesting but not surprising.
    I have watched all eps of The Newsreader and Fires post the original airdate. Yes to watch New Gold Mountain.

    Interesting read. Thank you for posting.

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