Wentworth: finale promo

The gates are closed on Teal Tuesdays in an explosive finale....

After 99 episodes, the explosive 100th episode of Wentworth will shut the gates for the final time next week.

The multi-winning series will have fans glued to their screens for the last Teal Tuesday -and look out for the Prisoner cameos -yes- finally making an appearance.

Brian Walsh, Executive Director of Television said: “Wentworth will leave an indelible mark on the international television landscape. We are incredibly proud of the success of this much-loved drama, not only has it been wholeheartedly embraced by our audience here in Australia but across the globe. I would personally like to acknowledge the extraordinary cast, creative teams, writers, and directors who have brought this television phenomenon to life, it has been an incredibly rewarding journey.”

Chris Oliver-Taylor, Fremantle CEO Asia-Pacific, said: “Wentworth has written its own chapter in television history and like its predecessor Prisoner, will continue to garner audiences around the world for many years to come. The final chapter has been a heart-stopping run to the end with all the surprise twists that the series is renowned for and brilliantly performed by a cast second to none in this country.”

Wentworth is Foxtel’s highest rating and most successful locally produced drama. Since 2013, 90 episodes have screened in 173 territories including the United Kingdom, France, Denmark, Canada, Israel, Finland, Japan and the USA, where it has placed in the Top 10 of Netflix’s most watched series. It has amassed an impressive catalogue of awards and nominations locally and internationally, with both the Most Popular and Most Outstanding Drama at the TV Week Logie Awards in 2018 – the first time an Australian drama has taken out both accolades in the same year. In 2019, it claimed Most Outstanding Drama for the fourth time.

Wentworth is a Fremantle production for Foxtel with Executive Producers, Jo Porter and Penny Win. Pino Amenta is series producer for season eight part 2. The directors are Kevin Carlin, Beck Cole, Fiona Banks, Roger Hodgman and Mat King. The writers are John Ridley, Kim Wilson and Marcia Gardner, who is both script producer and writer. Season 8 part 2 is supported by funding from Film Victoria.

8:30pm Tuesday on FOX Showcase.

4 Responses

  1. The best show. each week has gripping, exciting and totally amazing.

    I am still hopeful that someone else picks it up and keeps going.
    Everyone says its the best show on TV, highest rating show on tv and most successful show on tv.

    So then why cant it continue…. we want more :):)

  2. It has been a great series although the final season has been a slight letdown. The storylines this season just haven’t felt as gripping as previous seasons, particularly the plot surrounding Judy and the terriosm and the wasted airtime on Boomer filming a sex tape for her male friend. I hope they give it a proper ending next week.

    1. What wasted plot surrounding the recordings Boomer was making? That was the lead to finding out about the escape plan etc which is what the whole final ep is about.
      Have to admit the Judy plot last season was feeling really stretched, but it’s all made sense this season.

  3. What A great show it has been and I cannot believe it is the last episode next week I am sooo sad
    I will miss Wentworth and the Teal as well
    Thank you for 9 great seasons
    cast and crew and Foxtel

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