Airdate: Fantasy Island

Seven to premiere US drama with Roselyn Sanchez as Elena Roarke, who has inherited island resort.

Move over White Lotus?

The reboot of Fantasy Island will premiere on Seven next week.

The new version sees Roselyn Sanchez star as Elena Roarke, who has inherited the island resort originally run by the enigmatic Mr. Roarke (Ricardo Montalbán). The cast also features Kiara Barnes and John Gabriel Rodriquez with guests including Dave Annable, Daphne Zuniga, Josie Bissett, Laura Leighton (a Melrose reunion?) and Leslie Jordan.

The series, which filmed in Puerto Rico, debuted in the US in August and is reportedly under consideration for a second season.

The heir to Fantasy Island, Elena Roarke (Roselyn Sanchez), welcomes a television personality haunted by a lifetime of eating issues and an elderly couple looking to spend their last days reliving their youth. Following a public meltdown on television, Good Morning Phoenix anchor Christine Collins heads to Fantasy Island, a luxury resort that specializes in fulfilling its guests’ desires. Flown in by the island’s pilot Javier, Christine is met by Elena Roarke, the steward of the magical retreat that’s been in her family for years. Watching a tape of her rant over the lifetime of dieting expected for her work, Christine says that her dream is to be able to eat as much as she wants without gaining weight. As Christine embarks on her food fantasy, Elena turns to her other new guests, Ruby and Mel Akuda. Explaining that Ruby has terminal cancer, Mel says they want to spend a weekend recapturing their youth. So after swimming in a lush island spring, the Okoros emerge as twenty-three year-old versions of themselves.

Updated: 10pm Monday November 8 on Seven.

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        1. You know I actually didn’t want to be right for once!! I’m guessing that’s why rather than a “next week” promo at the end there was a “stream now” promo for the show.

          We have doubles of 911 instead. Guess I’m just in for the 11PM bedtimes for now.

          Why do they even bother?

    1. It’s late in the year to be starting a new series on a commercial network, so likely doubles and could well be pushed to a later start if it doesn’t rate.

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