Casting Guild of Australia Awards 2021: nominees

Nominees include Fires, The Newsreader, Eden, Wakefield, Frayed, Fisk and The Bureau of Magical Things.

Nominees have been announced for the Casting Guild of Australia Awards 2021, recognising casting across film, television, advertising and theatre and online content.

In the Television category are such titles as Fires, The Newsreader, Eden, Wakefield, Frayed, Fisk and The Bureau of Magical Things.

CGA President David Newman said: “If 2020 was the year of uncertainty, 2021 has proven to be a year of determination and adaptation. Despite what has been thrown at them, casting directors have managed to cast many astounding projects and make sure, despite all the difficulties, that Australian and international stories could continue to be told. We’re looking forward to celebrating these achievements at our awards this year and recognising those who have been nominated.

“We particularly want to thank the actors who have been on a very rocky roller coaster for the last 12 months; many getting roles only to lose them as they were unable to get to the shoot; actors who have spent untold days alone in quarantine – multiple times; and those who got stuck and couldn’t return home. We’re hoping the new normal will be much kinder to you moving forward.”

Winners will be announced at the virtual ceremony hosted by Lucy Durack and Eddie Perfect, via Facebook on Saturday 20 November.

TV and related categories:

Best Casting in a TV Drama, TV Miniseries & Telemovie
• Eden – Danny Long
• Fires – Nikki Barrett
• The Newsreader – Nathan Lloyd
• Wakefield – Marianne Jade

Best Casting in a TV Comedy
• Aftertaste – Marianne Jade, Angela Heesom, Lou Heesom
• Fisk – Kirsty McGregor
• Frayed S2 – Kirsty McGregor
• Why Are You Like This – Amy Mete

Achievement in Casting
• All My Friends Are Racist (Web Series) – Nathan Lloyd
• Celebration Nation (Web Series) – Annabel Clayton
• Mortal Kombat – Angela Heesom, Lou Heesom
• The Bureau of Magical Things – Tom McSweeney, David Newman

The 2021 CGA Rising Stars will also be presented on the night with recipients announced soon.

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