AACTA Industry Awards 2024: winners

Deadloch, The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart, The Australian Wars dominate first Television wins at this year's AACTA Awards.

Winners were announced last night in the AACTA Industry Awards 2024.

Prime Video’s Deadloch and The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart bagged three wins along with SBS documentary The Australian Wars (pictured). ABC’s The Newsreader took home two.

Harry Connick Jr. hosted the event at HOTA on the Gold Coast.

AACTA CEO Damian Trewhella said, “We applaud the exceptional craftsmanship and dedication of Australia’s screen industry showcased at the 2024 AACTA Industry Awards. Congratulations to all the deserving winners, whose talent and innovation continue to push the boundaries of storytelling. These awards not only honour the outstanding achievements of our industry’s finest but also serve as a testament to the vibrant creativity that defines Australian cinema and television.”

Amanda Laing, Foxtel Group Chief Commercial and Content Officer and Binge Managing Director, said, “Our creative community is flourishing, and the world-class talent we have here in Australia is at the heart of this vibrant industry. Congratulations to all the winners today, and to everyone that was nominated and recognised.”

TV winners in Bold:

Best Entertainment Program
Dancing With The Stars – Peter Beck, Kylie Washington, Deb Spinocchia – BBC Studios Australia (Seven Network)
Eurovision Song Contest 2023 – Grand Final – Paul Clarke, Emily Griggs – Blink TV Production Pty Ltd (SBS)
Lego Masters: Grand Masters – David McDonald, AJ Johnson, Di Yang – Endemol Shine Australia (Nine Network)
Mastermind – Lucy De Luca, Kylie Washington, Deb Spinocchia – BBC Studios Australia (SBS)
The 1% Club – John Leahy, Deb Spinocchia, Kylie Washington – BBC Studios Australia (Seven Network)
The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity Edition – Rikkie Proost – Eureka Productions (Network Ten)

Best Direction in Drama or Comedy
Colin From Accounts (Episode 3) – Trent O’Donnell
Colin From Accounts (Episode 6) – Matt Moore
Deadloch (Episode 1) – Ben Chessell
The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart (Episode 1) – Glendyn Ivin
The Newsreader (Episode 4) – Emma Freeman

Best Documentary or Factual Program
Matildas: The World at Our Feet – Steve Bibb – Barking Mad Productions and Station 10 Media (Disney+)
Ningaloo Nyinggulu – Celia Tait, Tim Winton, Peter Rees, Karen Williams – Artemis Media (ABC)
Queerstralia – Jon Casimir, Kevin Whyte, Zoë Coombs Marr, Plum Stubbings – Guesswork Television Pty Ltd (ABC)
The Australian Wars – Darren Dale, Rachel Perkins, Belinda Mravicic – Blackfella Films Pty Ltd (NITV, SBS)
War on Waste – Craig Reucassel, David Galloway, Leonie Lowe – Lune Media (ABC)
Who Do You Think You Are – Maxine Gray – Warner Bros. International Television Production Australia (ABC)

Best Online Drama or Comedy
Appetite – Mohini Herse, Karen Radzyner – Fell Swoop Pictures and Photoplay Films
Latecomers – Liam Heyen, Hannah Ngo, Angus Thompson, Emma Myers, Nina Oyama, Madeleine Gottlieb, Alistair Baldwin – Mad Ones Films & Lazy Susan Films
Me & Her(pes) – Gemma Bird Matheson, Hannah Ngo, Kasia Vickery, Vic Zerbst – Chips & Gravy Films in association with Lazy Susan Films
Monologue – Jim Wright, Elise Trenorden, Nicholas Clifford, Nina Oyama – Truce Films
The Disposables – Karen Radzyner, Renny Wijeyamohan, Sonia Whiteman, Keir Wilkins – Photoplay Films and Dragonet Films
The Future of Everything – Nicholas Colla, Mike Greaney, Nicolette Minster – LateNite

Best Direction in Nonfiction Television
Aaron Chen: If Weren’t Filmed, Nobody Would Believe – Henry Stone
Adam and Poh’s Great Australian Bites (Episode 1) – Josh Martin
Matildas: The World at Our Feet (Episode 2) – Katie Bender Wynn
Queerstralia (Episode 1) – Stamatia Maroupas
The Australian Wars (Episode 1) – Rachel Perkins, Dylan River, Tov Belling

Best Cinematography in Television
Aunty Donna’s Coffee Cafe – Episode 1 – Aaron Farrugia
Deadloch – Episode 1 – Katie Milwright
Erotic Stories – Episode 2 – Tania Lambert
The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart – Episode 1 – Sam Chiplin
The Newsreader – Episode 4 – Earle Dresner

Best Editing in Television
Aunty Donna’s Coffee Cafe – Episode 1 – Peter Bennett
Colin From Accounts – Episode 3 – Danielle Boesenberg
Deadloch – Episode 1 – Angie Higgins
The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart – Episode 1 – Deborah Peart
The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart – Episode 6 – Deborah Peart, Dany Cooper
The Newsreader – Episode 4 – Angie Higgins

Best Original Score in Television
Bad Behaviour – Episode 1 – Caitlin Yeo
Deadloch – Episode 1 – Amanda Brown
Fisk – Episode 4 – Megan Washington, Daniel O’Brien
In Limbo – Episode 1 – Matteo Zingales
RFDS – Episode 5 – Amanda Brown, Damien Lane

Best Production Design in Television
Beep and Mort – Episode 2 – Jonathon Oxlade
Black Snow – Episode 1 – Helen O’Loan
Deadloch – Episode 1 – Emma Fletcher
Gold Diggers – Episode 3 – Simon McCutcheon
The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart – Episode 1 – Melinda Doring
The Newsreader – Episode 4 – Paddy Reardon

Best Costume Design in Television
Ten Pound Poms – Episode 1 – Xanthe Heubel
The Claremont Murders – Episode 1 – Lisa Galea Gunning
The Clearing – Episode 1 – Erin Roche
The Newsreader – Episode 4 – Zed Dragojlovich
While The Men Are Away – Episode 2 – Nina Edwards

Best Sound in Television
Black Snow – Episode 6 – Mark Cornish, Tom Heuzenroeder, Justin Spasevski, Robert Mackenzie
Last King of The Cross – Episode 4 – Grant Shepherd
The Clearing – Episode 1 – Roger van Wensveen, David Williams, Ralph Ortner
The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart – Episode 6 – David Lee, Robert Mackenzie
The Newsreader – Episode 6 – Nick Godkin, Ralph Ortner, Lee Yee, Liesl Pieterse

Best Casting in Television
Colin From Accounts – Kirsty McGregor, Stevie Ray
Deadloch – Alison Telford, Kate Leonard
Safe Home – Nathan Lloyd
The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart – Jane Norris
The Newsreader – Nathan Lloyd

Best Cinematography in a Documentary
Australia’s Wild Odyssey – Nick Robinson, Jack Riley, Ashley Gibb, Caspar Mazzotti
Shackleton: The Greatest Story of Survival – Caspar Mazzotti, Cam Batten, Nick Robinson, Miles Rowland
The Dark Emu Story – Simon Morris
The Giants – Sherwin Akbarzadeh
This Is Going To Be Big – Alex Serafini

Best Editing in a Documentary
Because We Have Each Other – Patrick McCabe
Folau – Peter Crombie, Lawrie Silvestrin
Harley & Katya – Simon Njoo, Pete Ward
Queerstralia – Aleck Morton, Lydia Springhall
The Australian Wars – Andrea Lang, Mark Atkin, Hilary Balmond

Best Original Score in a Documentary
John Farnham: Finding The Voice – David Hirschfelder
Kindred – Caitlin Yeo
Splice Here: A Projected Odyssey – Brett Aplin, Burkhard Dallwitz
The Dark Emu Story – Caitlin Yeo, Damien Lane
Under Cover – Mark D’Angelo

Best Sound in a Documentary
Ego: The Michael Gudinski Story – David Williams
John Farnham: Finding The Voice – Wayne Pashley
Kindred – Damien Lane, Andrew Belletty
Memory Film – A Filmmaker’s Diary – Tristan Meredith
The Dark Emu Story – Eren Sener, Andrew Wright, Will Carroll, Megan Howieson

Major categories will be announced on Saturday night, screening at 7pm on 10.

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