Everyone’s a winner …on a quiet Thursday.

7:30 wins its slot, Home & Away best in entertainment, The Bachelorette tops the demos and Nine wins Thursday overall.

It was another quiet Thursday despite some events in play, but almost everybody managed to salvage some success.

7:30 won its slot at 496,000 metro viewers.

That was just ahead of Home & Away which still topped entertainment at 493,000 / 449,000 then Million Dollar Hot Seat (428,000). The Bachelorette wrapped its lowest season at 361,000 (rising to 439,000 for Final Decision) but it still topped the demos. Following the Drug Money (303,000) was next.

Later The Front Bar led at 332,000 then Q+A and Quiz (both 261,000).

Nine network won Thursday with 29.2% then Seven 28.9%, 10 16.4%, ABC 16.2% and SBS 9.3%.

Nine News (793,000 / 781,000) was best for Nine. A Current Affair won its slot at 610,000 then Hot Seat (381,000 / 252,000).

Seven News was #1 at 890,000 / 881,000. The Chase won its slot at 447,000 / 290,000. America’s Got Talent managed 149,000.

The Project drew 330,000 / 198,000 for 10. 10 News First was low at 268,000 / 156,000. A Cheap Seats replay was 176,000.

ABC News pulled 609,000. The Drum (149,000) and Doctor Who (72,000) followed.

On SBS it was The Wonderful World of Chocolate (162,000), SBS World News (134,000 / 106,000), Secrets of Britain (86,000) and Red Election (74,000).

Bluey led multichannels of course at 204,000.

The Morning Show: 153,000 / 95,000
Today Extra: 132,000 / 79,00
Studio 10: 26,000 /

In Total TV lifts last Thursday were:
Love Island: 526,000
The Bachelorette: 506,000
Home & Away: 992,000
Coastal Devon & Cornwall with Michael Portillo: 423,000

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 25 November 2021

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  1. I was an avid watcher of the Bachelor franchise since day dot, but was the same with MasterChef and stopped watching that in 2019 after the original trio departed, stopped watching Bach last year (last year I solely watched via 10 Play catch up, previously I’d watch broadcast).

    I think something happened this year, whether it be bad promotion, programming placement, Olympics, casting, bad PR or all of the above. As as David mentioned the repetition of the scripted reality including recycling the same people.

  2. Isn’t the evening Bluey episode the same as the morning one? Shouldnt the two figures be added together if its the same program? Maybe we need another episode of Bluey at 7:30pm for after the kids have gone to bed.

    1. It’s a fair question so here is my take on it…. Bachelor franchise has probably gone the way of Love Island now, small numbers on broadcast but big on BVOD. It could work as a 9pm show next year but maybe not at 7:30 anymore… why? I think the reason is people see the same format points.. regardless of who is cast it goes through the same steps of red carpet gimmicks, over the top / liar / backstabber contestant, tantrum / walk-outs, group date, home date, family and friend grilling, Instagram careers…. to its credit there are still some couples together (and babies) but on air it needs a new songbook.

  3. When you look at the top 10 rating shows its mostly made up of news, Current Affairs and game shows. I wonder how a 7.30pm game Show like a Sale Of The Century or a 9.30pm news service would go. This is what people are watching on free to air now. With 7.30 winning that prime timeslot under 500k viewers, its clear that the TV audiences are still dropping. At what point will it be unviable to run a TV network as 2021 has been a bad year for reality.

    1. “prime timeslot under 500k viewers, its clear that the TV audiences are still dropping. At what point will it be unviable to run a TV network”? As David says “small numbers on broadcast but big on BVOD”. And therein lies the problem, caused by the networks themselves. As a regional advertiser, close to Sydney, we have now directed our TV sales reps to place our spots only in Sunrise, 4pm News, Hot Seat, WIN News, Chase, 6pm News, ACA, Home & Away. Nothing in anything after 7:30pm. tvtonight.com.au/2016/04/order-in-the-tv-court-as-nine-win-argue-over-9now-service.html
      More are watching BVOD with Nine adverts than watch via, say, WIN with my adverts. With the amount of advertising of Paramount+ on 10 it seems clear where 10’s priorities lie. As an advertiser supporting 10 (SCA local) I don’t like 10 telling viewers they should be watching P+ rather than 10.

      1. @Jason

        The move to streaming has not been caused by networks. It’s a consumer les trend the world over not unique to Australia in any way. Viewers discovered binge watching episodes of scripted content back to back with no commercials 10 years ago with Netflix and have led the charge ti OTT streaming. Networks are merely trying to keep up and stem the bleeding or revenue

        Very few shows get more viewers on BVOD that over the air – maybe love island is the only one – but again that’s viewers choosing to go there – especially younger viewers.

        10 needs to push viewers to P+ as that is the future and they need to compete against Netflix Amazon and Disney

        Appreciate as an advertiser it’s not what you want. But If you were a shareholder it’s exactly what you would want. They are in a fight for survival

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