First week of summer 21 / 22

Here's what to expect next week when schedules move to Summer mode.

Next Sunday television officially enters summer viewing, until February 6th.

Amongst the highlights in the first week of viewing are Snackmasters, Total Control, Books That Made Us, The Living Room, Could You Survive on The Breadline? The Front Bar, Celebrity Letters and Numbers and international dramas CSI: Vegas, 9-1-1, The Larkins, Endeavour, Red Election, Quiz.

There is also a live Matildas v USA match.


6:00pm Antiques Roadshow
7:00pm ABC News
7:40pm Death In Paradise rpt
8:40pm Total Control
9:35pm Noughts And Crosses

6:00pm The Drum
7:00pm ABC News
7:30pm 7:30
8:00pm Australian Story summer series rpt
8:30pm Universe With Brian Cox
9:30pm Media Watch
9:45pm The Wimbledon Kidnapping final

8:00pm Anh’s Brush With Fame rpt
8:30pm Books That Made Us
9:30pm The Human Revolution

8:00pm Hard Quiz
8:30pm Gruen
9:10pm Preppers
9:40pm QI rpt

8:00pm Barrie Cassidy’s One Plus One
8:30pm Q+A final
9:35pm TBA (Doctor Who)

7:30pm Gardening Australia
8:30pm Endeavour
10:00pm Talking Heads

7:30pm The Larkins
8:20pm Ridley Road final
9:15pm Total Control rpt
10:10pm Call the Midwife rpt



6:00pm Seven News
7:00pm Border Security
7:30pm Homicide with Ron Iddles rpt
8:30pm Movie: Kingsman: The Secret Service rpt
11:10pm SWAT final

7:00pm Border Security rpt
7:30pm Motorway Patrol dbl
8:30pm 9-1-1 dbl
10:30pm Fantasy Island
11:30pm The Goldbergs

7:30pm Unbelievable Moments Caught on Camera
8:30pm Movie: Kingsman: The Golden Circle rpt
11:30pm The Goldbergs

7:30pm Ambulance Code Red
8:30pm America’s Got Talent final
10:30pm Ant Middleton & Liam Payne: Straight special
11:30pm Autopsy: Bill Bixby

7:30pm Nurses
8:30pm  The Front Bar: Ashes Edition
9:30pm Heroes & Legends: Sport Hall of Fame special

7:00pm Better Homes and Gardens Summer Season rpt
8:30pm Movie: This Means War   rpt
10:30pm Movie: The Campaign rpt

7:00pm Surveillance Oz rpt
7:30pm Movie: Ford v Ferrari rpt
10:45pm Movie: The Gumball Rally rpt


6:00pm Nine News
7:00pm Lego Masters: Bricksmas Special final
8:30pm 60 Minutes
9:30pm Nine News late
10:00pm The First 48

7:00pm A Current Affair
7:30pm Snackmasters
9:00pm Movie: The Dish rpt

7:30pm Snackmasters
9:00pm Travel Guides rpt
10:00pm Kath & Kim rpt

7:30pm Mega Zoo
8:30pm Emergency rpt
9:30pm A+E After Dark

7:30pm RBT
8:30pm Quiz Pt. 2
9:30pm TBA

7:30pm Taronga: Who’s Who in the Zoo?
8:30pm Movie: The Green Mile rpt

7:30pm Movie: Gladiator rpt
10:35pm Movie: Conan The Barbarian rpt


6:30pm The Sunday Project
7:30pm The Graham Norton Show
8:30pm CSI: Vegas
9:30pm FBI dbl rpt

6:30pm The Project
7:30pm NCIS: Hawaii preview
8:30pm Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol dbl preview
10:30pm FBI: Most Wanted rpt

7:30pm Football: Matildas v USA
1030pm NCIS rpt

7:30pm All Aussie Adventures dbl rpt
8:30pm Bull trpl rpt

7:30pm Ambulance Australia rpt
8:30pm Law & Order: SVU new season
9:30pm Law & Order: SVU rpt
10:30pm Blue Bloods

7:30pm The Living Room special
8:40pm The Graham Norton Show rpt
9:40pm The Montreal Comedy Festival rpt
10:10pm Just For Laughs rpt

6:00pm Jamie’s Easy Meals For Every Day
6:30pm Bondi Rescue rpt
7:00pm A-League Men
10:00pm Ambulance rpt


6:30pm SBS World News
7:30pm DNA Family Secrets
8:40pm Muhammad Ali
11:05pm Michael Palin: Travels Of A Lifetime rpt

6:00pm Mastermind rpt
6:30pm SBS World News
7:35pm Britain’s Most Historic Towns rpt
8:30pm Animal Einsteins
9:25pm 24 Hours In Emergency
10:20pm SBS World News Late
10:50pm Bosch

7:30pm Great Canadian Railroad Journeys rpt
8:40pm New York Super Airport
9:40pm Egypt With The World’s Greatest Explorer rpt

7:30pm Scotland’s Sacred Islands New With Ben Fogle
8:30pm Could You Survive on The Breadline? final
9:30pm Before We Die (UK)

7:35pm Wonderful World Of Chocolate
8:30pm Red Election
9:30pm Murder Case

7:30pm Inside Balmoral
8:30pm Empire with Michael Portillo rpt
9:25pm Dig World War II

7:30pm Celebrity Letters and Numbers
8:30pm The World’s Greatest Hotels
9:25pm Russia To Iran: Across The Wild Frontier rpt
10:20pm 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown rpt

AEDT viewing. Check local guides.

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  1. Where. oh Where is The Good Doctor, S5, Channel 7? Still no sign of it for the first week of summer, non ratings. I guess this show doesn’t rate it’s pants off anymore, that they save up all the aired us episodes for the silly season.

  2. We get this ten week break every year of course and each year a proportion of the free-to-air audience drifts away and is never seen again. Despite mild weather across much of the country we now have the nightly news broadcasts dipping into the 700,000 range on some days very like the school holiday period and we may see Seven and Nine dip into the 600,000s for their nightly news services for what I think may be the first time.
    The other offerings over Summer if the first week menu is anything to go by are going to be poor indeed. Continuing the triple repeats of Bull, Australian Story repeats, Border Security repeats, Bondi Rescue repeats, etc. I suppose one notable change is a greater reliance on movies in prime time (mostly repeats of course) which used to serve the networks pretty well in the 1990s but seems amongst the lazy and cheap options.
    The economic realities of advertising revenue reductions are not ignorable but this is a depressing schedule indeed.

    1. I agree, I have never understood the tv execs thinking that people switch off for 10 weeks and then expect viewers to suddenly come back to watch over long ‘reality’ shows 3-4 nights a week and then wonder why figures are dropping year on year. I am 63 and the only shows I watch are 6-6.30 news and the first 30 mins of the project, then off to other means of watching shows that fta will be way behind on or not show at all. My children who are in their mid to late twenties do not watch fta ever. I mean even before’non ratings’ , big brother vip, really

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