Gruen, Hard Quiz upstage commercial networks (again).

Gruen, Hard Quiz, 7:30 all claim Wednesday timeslots. Close battle in breakfast TV.

Viewers were barely engaged with commercial offerings after 7:30 last night with ABC leading the way until 9pm.

Gruen topped entertainment at 618,000 while Hard Quiz also won at 617,000 metro viewers.

Even 7:30 was next in its slot at 550,000 then Adele: Live in London (452,000), Big Brother: VIP (295,000), The Bachelorette (256,000) and Scotland’s Sacred Islands with 206,000.

Emergency followed in its slot at 307,000 behind ABC then Preppers (202,000) and Could You Survive on the Breadline? (180,000) on SBS.

Nine network won Wednesday with 28.8% then Seven 28.1%, ABC 19.0%, 10 15.5% and SBS 8.6%.

Nine News was best for Nine at 827,000 / 812,000 then A Current Affair (664,000) and Hot Seat (369,000 / 240,000). Love Island drew 150,000.

Seven News was #1 at 896,000 / 868,000 for Seven. Home & Away was 526,000 then The Chase (450,000 / 263,000). America’s Got Talent was 148,000.

ABC News drew 629,000. The Drum (169,000) and Back (99,000) followed.

The Project pulled 373,000 / 228,000 for 10. 10 News First was 274,000 / 176,000. Bull (155,000) and Lie with Me (108,000) were some distance.

On SBS it was SBS World News (105,000 / 103,000) with Before We Die at just 57,000.

Bluey led multichannels at 143,000.

Sunrise: 234,000
Today: 233,000
News Breakfast: 116,000

In Total TV lifts last Wednesday were:
Love Island: 521,000
The Bachelorette: 491,000
Preppers: 540,000
Big Brother: VIP: 607,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 17 November 2021

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  1. David, does the uplift data cover all channels inclusive of multichannels? Or only the networks’ primary channels? And does that data actually extend beyond the top 30 that you post after 7 days? I’m curious to see uplift for several multichannel shows, but not sure where to access those numbers.

  2. Guess people may be looking for consistency …reliability….like the old days…you turn on the TV and know that show will be there…on time and finish on time…I know I am tired of over runs…sitting around waiting for a show to start.. and chasing shows around….

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