Q+A: Nov 11

Stan Grant this week leads a forum on Australia’s place in an increasingly complicated international landscape.

Q+A is Live in Sydney with Stan Grant discussing “Friends and Foes” -finding Australia’s place in an increasingly complicated international landscape.

It’s been a bruising few weeks on the world stage as Australia navigates the fallout from AUKUS, the much-heralded defence pact with the United Kingdom and the United States. The PM has described it as a “forever partnership”, but is forever an impossible aim in a world of shifting power balances and competing geopolitical interests? And will this new alliance provoke fresh tensions with China?

So as Australia cements security ties with the UK and US, doubling down on its Anglosphere connections – what does this mean for the nation’s relationship with our neighbours in Southeast Asia, the Pacific and an increasingly powerful China?

And as the high-stakes COP26 climate summit in Glasgow enters its final days, the pressure is on to deliver a strong global agreement. Will the talks be held up as a triumph of international cooperation? And will the Morrison Government’s policy announcements on electric vehicles and technologies investment be enough to help Australia restore its reputation on climate?

Joining Stan Grant on the panel:
James Paterson, Liberal Senator for Victoria
Ed Husic, Labor Member for Chifley
Chris Uhlmann, Nine News political editor
Lavina Lee, International relations expert
Yun Jiang, Producer of China Neican and editor at ANU

8:30pm Thursday on ABC.

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