Rachel Griffiths hints at new Arts project, more Aftertaste.

She's been one of the busiest actors during the pandemic but Rachel Griffiths looks to more projects as travel re-opens.

One of the busiest actors during the pandemic has been Rachel Griffiths filming AfterTaste in South Australia, Total Control in NSW, The Wilds in Queensland and Finding the Archibald in several locations including the Northern Territory.

“Every time I was on a show, honestly I was just so grateful that we were working that day. There was camera crew employed, makeup artists being paid -everybody was so happy to be working,” she tells TV Tonight.

“It was thrilling that my Amazon show got bought over from New Zealand. That was a big show, we employed a lot of people. Even our COVID team were 20 people. A $100 million show to land on the Gold Coast, as one of the first after the lockdowns …thank God!”

Although she endured 4 quarantines, she was grateful for the work and the support of funding bodies such as Create NSW, Film Victoria, South Australian Film Corporation.

“They were enormously helpful to producers carrying some of those COVID costs, which were really, really considerable.”

Now with Total Control now on air, there’s no slowing down.

“I’m hoping to do another series of Aftertaste, albeit in the small role I’m in. That was a lot of fun at the end of that first lockdown, to just be silly in a gorgeous family comedy,” she reveals.

“I’m also developing another art show. That’s not quite commissioned but we’re very close. It’s about Australian landscapes. So that will be fun. I’ll get to travel all over again.

“And hopefully people love Total Control enough to see that we might do it again.”

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